WBZ Evening Forecast For March 16

Eric Fisher has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

DAVID WADE: To say there's been a few days in March, Eric, that he's had to take the uniform down.

ERIC FISHER: I was going to ask.

DAVID WADE: The windiest of months.

ERIC FISHER: Yeah, we've had a few days with some strong winds. I was wondering if he was watching the forecast and keeping up with that wind outlook. Today, calmer finally. Temperatures, though chilly. About 10 degrees below the norm for this time of year in Boston. But all over the place, we've had these warm days, we've had these cold days. Very March-like. They've evened out too. Exactly even up to this point of the month. In terms of dry weather though, that has been unusual. This is a stormy month. Typically, we've had one cloudy day and one day with precipitation. And it was the first.

And so we've had 15 straight days without any measurable precipitation in Boston. And that's one of the longest streaks on record for the month of March. We'll add at least one more. Temperatures in the 30s this evening. Some milder air starting to make its way up into western PA. That will be our air mass for tomorrow. Our storm system to watch is out by the Four Corners. This one largely misses us off to the south tonight and into tomorrow. But there could be a stray snowflake or flurry out there this evening. Otherwise, mostly cloudy skies and upper 20s. Not as chilly as the last couple of nights.

And tomorrow looks very pleasant. Mix of sun and clouds. Temps will climb into the 50s. Not too much wind. Great afternoon. Head outside and enjoy. More of a spring feel returning. There will be 40s near the south coast and the Cape for high temps. And then on Thursday, again, we're back into the 50s. So a little bit more of that springtime feel. And they'll begin as a warm rain late in the day on Thursday as we head toward the evening hours. But that warm rain will not last. What we're watching is some colder air that will undercut all of this heading into the overnight.

This is really the ideal setup, to see accumulating snow fall late in the season, even on roadways, because it's under cover of darkness, it's at night. We have a pretty cold atmosphere that's funneling in behind this storm system. So the overnight hours into early on Friday morning, we should get a burst of snow. And it will look like winter on Friday morning. There could be some slippery streets out there, temperatures below freezing. Pretty much back in the winter mode even after that mild Thursday. However, by early to mid morning, it's already gone.

And with some increasing sunshine, most of what falls will all melt by the end of the day. So it's not going to be sticking around as is often the case this time of the year. Most likely, and this looks like something that would be spread pretty evenly across the area, 1 to 3 inches of snowfall. This would be coastline or inland spots, and enough to cause some issues for that early Friday morning drive. Otherwise, more psychological than anything. Then if we get a little bit more precipitation into this system, I could see it getting up to more of a 3 to 6.

But for now, I think this is the more likely scenario out of this one. Once you get past the 20th, those snow chances really drop off pretty dramatically. This is a look at totals over the last 10 years combined in Boston. And once you hit the equinox, it really does tend to head toward springtime. And the pattern is going to match that this year. Once we get that cold windy day on Friday, we're heading back to milder times. Nowhere in the country has a better chance of warmer than average temperatures than the Northeast as we head toward next week.

And so really perfectly on time, we're going to make that switch. Friday, we have highs in the 30s. Saturday, we'll have a cold morning. We rebound well into the 40s during the afternoon. We have the spring equinox. And then we're up near 60 on Sunday. Could be wearing shorts out there. A little cooler at the coast. 60s for Monday and Tuesday. We're back to a sunny dry pattern. And overall, I like this progression better. The last couple of years, we've had spring in February, then March and April are a mess. Everything seems to be following the more typical script this year, which I don't know, to me it's more palatable. We can use some typical in our lives.