WBZ Evening Forecast March 19

Eric Fisher has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- This was a cold day.

ERIC FISHER: A little chilly out there. The wind definitely a factor today. The sunshine back in action again.

I'll tell you what, we head to the weekend. To the day, Spring starts tomorrow. And it's going to feel like it all across New England. We will definitely take that.

Now, last night, we'll take the rainfall. It was beneficial rain. We could use it. It's been a dry month of March, which is usually not the case.

Got over an inch of rain in southeastern Mass, the South coast, and the Cape, the islands in particular. And even in the Boston area, got about a 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch of rain falls. We got a green square after 16 straight dry days. We're still running about a 2 inch rainfall deficit for the month.

How about snow? Well, in Boston, we've had 1/10 of an inch so far. Last year, we had nothing. So if we hold where we are, and it looks like that's going to be the case, that would be the lowest of back-to-back March snow total in recorded history for Boston.

So once you're grumbling about March, which we had been for a few years, weather likes to snap back and do something a little bit different. And you notice that when you have just a tenth of an inch or an inch or less, that's kind of on the low side of what we see during this month. Most of the time, we get over half a foot of snow, even in Boston at Logan Airport.

Temperatures right now in the 30s to low 40s. The wind still gusty. But it's starting to diminish. And that'll be the trend overnight tonight.

The colder air is across the Northeast. But the mild stuff is waiting in the wings. And when it is not waiting in the wings, it is a stormy weather. We are right back in to a very bright and very dry pattern.

So tonight will fall into the low to middle 20s, diminishing wind, clear skies, lots of starlight. And then tomorrow morning, if you're up early, yeah, the chill is going to be there. But a couple of hours after sunrise, away we go.

By lunchtime, we're up near 50 and then into the 50s tomorrow afternoon. Cloudless sky tomorrow. Very little wind. Little westerly breeze.

It's going to be a bit of a battle between that breeze and the sea breeze that will try to push back. I think we're going to hold it off tomorrow. But it might be close.

40s on the Cape. 50s everywhere else. Beautiful Saturday for the first full day of spring.

The Equinox is early in the morning. Look at the sun angle. Of course, it's the same as the Equinox in the fall.

September 21st, same sun angle. If you're spending a lot of time outside now, it is starting to get to that point where you start thinking about sun block. It'd be easy to get a sunburn from here on out.

Sunday's high temperatures in the 60s for inland spots, 50s near the water, and then falling into the 40s during the afternoon. I do think a sea breeze will be kicking in more strongly on Sunday. So cooler at the coast. Great weather to head up the golf courses. Many are starting to open. Many more this week when they take a look at the forecast here.

It's definitely getting to be about that time. And if you're heading up to the ski slopes, spring skiing conditions over the next few days. It will be mild. It will be sunny. There will not be a lot of wind. There will be some melting snow. So get it while it's still there.

As we look toward next week, the focus will be on this system. It looks like it's going to stay just offshore for us for a couple of days. How close it comes, we did bring in maybe some clouds or a chance for a shower or two, especially on Cape Cod. It also brings an onshore breeze. And so coastal towns will stay cooler than the inland areas.

Inland areas are around 60 or higher, Monday, Tuesday, and into Wednesday. Coastal towns in the 40s and 50s. But this is a very mild stretch as we get toward the end of March. Spring is in the air. David, and, Lisa, back to you.