WBZ Evening Forecast For March 24, 2021

Eric Fisher has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

ERIC FISHER: Tomorrow is patio weather. Tomorrow afternoon and evening. I think it would be a pretty good idea. And today, finally, some clouds in the area, at least. Even with some of that cloud cover, another really mild day up into the 60s across most of the area. Some 50s along the immediate waterfront, but this has been quite a stretch. Worcester, we're going to have six straight days in the 60s. That's only happened one other time, during the month of March, and that was in 2012-- which is the Hall of Fame month for extreme warmth in the month of March. This has been unusual stuff.

We do have some rain making its way on in tonight-- some much needed rainfall at that. Dry for now, some of that rain falling toward the Berkshires. It is really slowly going to crawl its way eastward as the night wears on. Temps down in the 40s and 50s, still some 60s holding on, parts of Worcester county, and into southern New Hampshire.

And tomorrow, we're eyeing those 70s that are just off to the West. 70s in Buffalo right now, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Ohio, and Detroit. And I think we have a good chance of 70s visiting us here in New England. So tonight, we'll see some scattered areas of rain. Temps will hold up in the 40s, not a whole lot of wind with this. And not really a drenching rainfall, we're talking about a tenth to maybe a quarter of an inch of total rain falling in the middle of the night, and it would be departing early tomorrow morning. By about 8 or 9 o'clock we should be done.

But we will start out cloudy tomorrow, so if you're making plans-- you're thinking, I got to get some of sun. I got to get the warmer air, you want to shade it more toward the midday in the afternoon, it will start out gloomy. As we head toward late morning and mid day, this is where the sun really bursts on the scene. The holdouts might be right along Nantucket Sound and along the South Coast and the Cape. It will be tough to kick the fog with warmer air. You know how it goes this time of the year if the breeze is out of the South.

So we've got cloudy skies the morning, by midday that sun is increasing, and the afternoon looks very sunny across the area. We'll be jumping into the 70s for most inland spots. If you're right along the water, from the sea coast, Cape Ann, North Shore, down through coastal parts of the city of Boston, and Western side of the city will be warm. If you're over by Logan Airport, it's going to be cooler.

And then along the South shore, you'll see highs in the 60s. There's not enough offshore wind to hold the cooler air at bay. In terms of records, I think Worcester probably has a better shot than Boston, because they do measure temperature at Logan Airport, and it will likely be a little cooler than just a quarter mile deeper into the city.

And then on Friday, another day we'll have 60s and 70s into the area. So again, the end of the week, just extremely mild. Note the plants have been popping out all over the place this week, and this will continue. Now late tomorrow night into Friday morning, we'll track another round of some showers. And there may even be a couple of rumbles of thunder here early on Friday.

And then the wind picks up during the day, as those warm temperatures roll in, so very gusty afternoon. Then on Saturday, we've got a calmer day, bright skies, nice start to the weekend. Another storm system approaching here for Sunday, and so we've got some chances here for rain. It's been a very dry month. This will help to keep spring kind of progressing and moving along, and not getting too dry.

So 50s on Saturday, dry and pleasant. That's the weekend pick to get outside. Sunday, rain likely with highs around 50 degrees. And it is going to be followed by a shot of some colder air, which is going to dive on in here on Monday. Relatively speaking, not very harsh and very brief.

We'll jump right back into the milder conditions for the final couple of days of the month. So this has been quite an exceptional second half for us. Monday's '40s with the wind, but we're in the mid 50s on Tuesday, and back to 60 by Wednesday.