WBZ Evening Forecast For March 27

Sarah Wroblewski has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

KEN MACLEOD: Let's get a check on that forecast now. Saturday was the pick of the weekend, because meteorologist Sarah Wroblewski is here now to talk about a showery Sunday.

SARH WROBLEWSKI: Yeah, we're watching this area of low pressure well out to the west. And sure enough, it is going to bring us some much-needed rain. But down in the South, we are watching for the risk of some severe weather. In fact, tornado watches in place and a few tornado warnings now in Tennessee as showers and storms are developing and will continue through the evening and night. A lot of this moisture will continue to gather, and, well, we'll watch that front head our way for tomorrow.

But tonight, the clouds increase. Hopefully, you enjoyed that sunshine. Temperatures climb into the 60s through the interior, but sure enough, local sea breezes kept things much cooler at the coast. So this evening, staying dry. In the 40s in Boston, likely staying there. As clouds increase through the overnight hours, we'll stay mild overnight. I think temperatures mainly in the lower 40s, perhaps a few upper 30s out there.

But for your Sunday, we're back into the 50s. Cooler than today, but we're talking rain showers. Now, early in the morning, you may be able to get out and get some errands done. I do expect to see showers begin to really settle across the region through the mid-morning, and by your lunch hour, more widespread showers-- perhaps a few downpours out there, too.

And that threat continues right through the afternoon. There may be a brief lull in the action late afternoon through early evening before another round. And this is the cold front coming on through, of some downpours, perhaps a few rumbles of thunder, and then we begin to clear out Sunday night with drier, cooler, and breezy weather for Monday.

But we do need the rain. Anywhere from a 1/2 an inch to an inch of rain is likely as this system comes on through. So our seven-day forecast becomes a little more unsettled, as we'll drop in temperatures for your Monday, although we will be drier. We'll watch for breezy conditions. Temperatures back into the 60s.

And then, as you go ahead and take a look at the temperatures towards the later part of the week, you'll see that we'll have another drop as another system heads away for Thursday. And then, as we finish off and head into the weekend, we'll see some brighter weather, Ken.

KEN MACLEOD: All right.