WBZ Evening Forecast For March 30

Eric Fisher has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

ERIC FISHER: Seriously, fire up the grill. Let's barbecue out in the parking lot, and we'll get everyone back in here one of these days, I'm sure. Taking a look over Boston. We've got the blue skies, sunny day. We've had plenty of those this month of March. Been a warm, windy, and sunny month for us. It'll go out like a lamb tomorrow, well into the 60s, and it ends with some rain tomorrow night, which will take us into the start of April, a month that certainly features a good amount of raindrops. Cold finish to the week and some frosty nights. Thursday night and Friday night, we'll dip back into the 20s, a sign that's not quite time to get too aggressive in the gardens just yet.

Temperatures right now in the 50s for the most part. It's cooling off on the South Coast and the Cape with that breeze off the water. We look to the west, 70s in Western New York and Pennsylvania as well as the Great Lakes. Don't think we'll hit the 70s tomorrow, but a good chance to soar through the 60s, even with some increase in cloud cover. High pressure is drifting offshore. We've got that southwesterly breeze. It'll keep our temps from dropping off tonight, so we'll hold in the 40s. Some increase in cloudiness after midnight, so if you want to do some stargazing, first part of the evening would be the best time to do it.

Tomorrow is one of those days where there's more clouds than sun, but it's a bright overcast and I think it's still going to be a pretty pleasant day to be outside, especially with these temperatures. Rising up through the 60s, mid-60s for most of the Boston area. Little cooler on the South Coast and the Cape. The clouds will tend to get a little bit more dense as we head toward the afternoon and especially the evening. So brightest during the morning and the midday hours.

In terms of rain, I think that's going to hold off until the very tail end of the day, as we approach sunset. Better chance of showers there. And then our steadiest rainfall will develop during the overnight. So we'll see some generally pretty heavy rain that will add up to about an inch, I think, for most of the area. Temps will be in the 50s overnight.

Thursday, I think a lot of that consistent rain is going to be wrapping up some time in the morning hours to midday, but there's still going to be some scattered shower activity into at least the early afternoon, and so it's not going to completely dry out for the Red Sox, but it might be playable. Temperatures will also start falling back through the 40s as we head into the afternoon and the evening.

I think-- this is one computer model, and it's probably a little bit overdone, but a good chance for around one inch of rain for most towns out of this one. So we'll keep greening things up across the area. And high temps will be well into the 50s on Thursday before that late day crash. So if you are heading out to the Red Sox game, lucky enough to have a ticket here, might have the winter jacket ready it's. Going to feel pretty raw during the afternoon and the evening. Scattered showers, but not steady rain, is expected here for the game. And if they move it to Friday, it'll just be a chilly, bright day.

In terms of the pollen counts, they're definitely a story here as we head toward April. Tree pollen is much higher than it has been at any point yet, and maple has joined now. Thursday, we'll see a little drop with the rain, and then we'll see those counts climb again heading into the weekend. Friday looks cool and breezy, in the 40s. On Saturday, also pretty cool out there. We'll have better rebound after a cold morning. Slight chance of showers on Sunday for Easter, especially in the morning. We'll keep an eye on that. Lisa and David?