WBZ Evening Forecast For March 31, 2021

Eric Fisher has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

ERIC FISHER: Dry is the key, right? We'll get some sunshine, as well, as we head into the holiday weekend. Not quite as warm as what we had today, but this was a bit exceptional. We got to 70 in Boston, 20 degrees above the norm for this time of the season.

March treated us pretty kindly over the course of the last four weeks. You take a look at 60 degree days in Worcester. We had nine of them. That's just about as high as we've seen in recent years.

These are the warmest March's on record 46, 45, in 2012, and we're in the same ballpark. Hartford had 12 days in the 60s, which is the second most on record, again, behind 1945 and 2012 at that time. Overall, very mild for us. There's a couple of cold days, one that came through on the 15th and one that came through on the second.

We can't complain all that much about the way this one went. Temps right now in the 50s and 60s. That milder air has been funneled up along the Eastern seaboard. The cooler stuff is waiting in the wings, though, out across the Great Lakes. We'll start to step back to more seasonable stuff tomorrow.

Also, watching a front, and as that moves in, a wave of low pressure is going to form right along it. And that's going to help rainfall to blossom late tonight, and that's what we'll get our steadiest rain, late tonight into tomorrow morning. Tonight, you might just get a couple of sprinkles in the early evening hours and some light rain showers, but not expecting much, until that main bit of rain can develop.

So that happens between about 11 o'clock and midnight, and especially, as we head toward tomorrow morning, some downpours could be, a few rumbles of thunder. And as we start the day, we'll be in the 50s. Those will be our high temps for the day. We head toward late morning in the midday hour, and this is where things start to dry out. But temps also begin to fall a bit back into the 40s.

As we move through the afternoon, mostly cloudy skies. Not going to be beautiful out there, Northwest breeze, a couple scattered showers, but with just the chance for some scattered raindrops here and there. I do think they'll be able to play that game at Fenway Park tomorrow afternoon.

Rain amounts a half inch to an inch look likely for most of the areas. We'll keep the green up going and knocks down the pollen counts, at least, temporarily. And the temps that start mild in the 50s will settle into the 40s, hover there into the afternoon, and then really start to drop back as we approach sunset during the evening hours. So for the Red Sox, bring some rain gear. A scattered shower. Bring some layers.

It very much looks like April 1 baseball at Fenway. I wish we could have scheduled one of these nicer days for the home opener, but someday in the future, we'll be able to control the weather. Friday, we'll have highs in the 40s. A little cooler outside, a dry day.

It will be a mix of sun and clouds to wrap up the week, and then as we head into the holiday weekend here, we've got bright sunshine on Saturday. It'll be a cold morning. If you're up early, it will be in the 20s, so a frosty start. And then on Sunday, we'll see more sunshine than cloud cover, and it will stay dry throughout the day.

It looks like that next storm system won't bring a chance of showers, until Sunday night into Monday. So a seasonable Easter weekend. Not as warm as it's been, but dry for both days. And that certainly helps out.

There's a look at the full seven day next week. We'll have a chance of some showers on Monday. That system may wobble away from us on Tuesday and Wednesday. It'll be close, but it looks like a pretty seasonable start to the month for us.