WBZ Evening Forecast For May 14

Eric Fisher has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- We have a nice stretch ahead of us here. Eric, you say that if you could have every day of the year be 75 degrees, you would take that?

ERIC FISHER: Well, yes and no. I mean, in theory, yeah. Wouldn't you get bored, though? I think you'd get bored.

- I'd get bored.

- Yeah, I think so.

ERIC FISHER: You need something. You've got to give me a little life, little couple of storms here and there, some colder stretches, some hotter stretches, but a long stretch of 75? Yeah, I think we'd take that. Today, it's 77 in Boston. Certainly a little bit warmer than the norm. But in the realm of normal for this time of the year. In fact, most of the day, pretty nondescript, so far. Right on average for temperature, right on average for rainfall up to this point. And we're just going to embark on a great stretch over the next seven days.

Out there tonight, beautiful Friday evening. Temps largely in the 70s, some 60s on the cape now, really comfortable stuff across the central and eastern United States. It's not too cool, and it's not too hot. It's just right. It doesn't last for too long this time of the year, does it? It seems like you get a little window, and then all of a sudden the air conditioners are running again.

Take a look across the northeast, we've had a few of these scattered showers. There hasn't been a ton of instability to work with. So they've been few and far between and, generally, very light. And there's a little closer look at our local radar. One shower that just came over Newburyport, and this is sliding down along Plum Island. And if you're on Cape Ann, probably a good opportunity to check out a rainbow this evening as it moves a little farther offshore.

As skies clear, as the sun sets, great Space Station fly-by tonight. It's at 9:26. Look to the southwestern sky first. There's a nice crescent moon to go along with it. And should be a really comfortable evening to be outside. So enjoy it. As we sail off into the weekend, upper 40s to low 50s overnight. Just a few passing clouds. So when you wake up tomorrow morning, if you have early sports, just trying to go for a run, or enjoy a little time in the garden, it's actually going to be a nice launching pad as we start off our Saturday. A lot of sunshine, quickly will warm up into the 70s. [INAUDIBLE] a lot like today. Small chance for an afternoon shower, but very few and far between.

Sunday, on the other hand, will feature a little more cloud cover and a better chance for a scattered afternoon shower or storm. Again, it's not going to be every town, but I do think it's, at least, a little better odds of seeing some rainfall and hearing a few rumbles out there, second half of our weekend. Both days will be in the 70s. I won't be surprised if a few towns hit 80 tomorrow, especially into metro west and heading up toward the Merrimack Valley. It's going to be a little bit warmer air mass to work with tomorrow and still a lot of sun. And again, not a lot of wind, so that's another improvement on the weather compared to earlier on in the month. We had so much wind still, and that's kind of left the picture.

So well into the 70s for tomorrow. Even on the Cape, we should hit the 70s before a little sea breeze kicks in during the afternoon. We're still talking same rocket launch, not a new one, not a different story, not a different graphic. This is the same one they've been trying for over a week now. It's been canceled every time-- scheduled tomorrow night at 8:10. I actually think this one's going to happen. I think there's a good probability--


--that this one will be-- yes, thank you NASA-- at 8:10 tomorrow night look off to the south /southeast, might be able to see that vapor trail from that rocket. Sunday, we're into the 70s, again. Scattered afternoon shower or storm. Good weather for Fenway, but we'll watch the skies here for that small opportunity for a storm on Sunday. Same story in Worcester. Sunday also ushers in 8 o'clock sunsets for the first time of the season. We'll keep them until August 4. Light at night. So here's a look at the full seven day, next week we are warm. Looks like Monday will be the coolest one, upper 60s to low 70s, a couple of scattered storms. We may hit the 80s for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.