WBZ Evening Forecast For May 27

Eric Fisher has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

DAVID WADE: Now all we need is some really good weather for the weekend. That's all we need. There's just one thing stopping it from being an absolutely epic weekend. We just need the meteorologist to give us some good weather.

LISA HUGHES: That's right, especially a holiday weekend, Eric.

ERIC FISHER: I'm going to call Zack and see if he can come in and talk to you guys about the weekend forecast. And we'll check in later.

Well, you know, we've had a great stretch. We've had a great May, and there's been a lot of opportunities to get outside. And people have been out and about, really soaking it in. And asked the question online today, would you trade a couple weeks of this really nice weather for a really nice Memorial Day weekend? Most people said, no, we've had so many opportunities. It's just going to be a couple of days.

So 83 was our high temperature today. It was beautiful outside. And even though we've got a couple of cold ones on the way for the weekend, you look at the spring overall, March, April, May, just about done, sitting at the seventh warmest on record in Boston. All of New England has had a top 10 warmest spring. And so there's been a lot of those chances to get outdoors pretty comfortably.

Temperatures tonight in the 70s to around 80 degrees. Look off to the north and west though. There are a couple snowflakes flying in Wisconsin tonight. And that's the system that's heading in our direction. There could even be a couple snowflakes the highest elevations of the Adirondacks or the Greens as we head into Saturday around here. You have to go way up to see that though.

For us, just watching that rain that's off to the west. It'll arrive here late in the day tomorrow. But enjoy a beautiful night in the meantime. Temperatures will fall back in the upper 40s to low 50s since we have nice dry air.

Little miss sunshine in the morning. Clouds will tend to thicken up as we head through the afternoon, becoming overcast, becoming cooler as our temps will reach the 60s before those clouds really get dense later on in the day.

So you can get outdoors, and traveling would be no issue. Around 5 o'clock, that rain heads into Central Mass, and I think between about 6 and 8 o'clock if you're right along the coastline. But tomorrow night, the rain will fill in. It will be heavy at times. Looks like some of the biggest downpours will be around and south of Boston, places that didn't see as much rain last night with some of the storms. So things will balance out a little.

And then on Saturday, we're hoping as we head into the afternoon we're going to get a period of some drier weather. Still cloudy, still cool, still gusty outside, but at least drier and a chance to get outside a little bit more easily.

Rain amounts for that first slug, over an inch in many spots. We may approach 2 near the South Coast. That's the most rain in a while for a lot of these towns.

Then there'll be another wave to watch. So the window that we're trying to maximize here when it comes to some drier times is late Saturday into early on Sunday morning. During the day on Sunday, though, rain is going to fill back on in. It looks like a very wet day.

Here's where I think there's a bit of hope in the forecast. It's Memorial Day itself. If this rain pushes through fast enough and leaves us on Monday morning, we could get back into some sunshine, some milder temperatures, and better opportunities to get outside, and of course, for all observances out there.

So we'll be watching that over the next couple of days. Otherwise, it is 50s. It's gusty. It's cloudy. And it's cool for Saturday and Sunday.

For the Red Sox, Friday night looks like a washout. Sunday looks like a washout. Saturday, there's a chance-- some drizzle maybe, northeast winds at about 10 to 25.

And that wind is also a factor if you're trying to go back and forth to the islands. Ferries may be disrupted or canceled. And we'll also see some minor coastal flooding with the high tides on Saturday and Sunday and some splash over. So if you live near the coastline, when it comes to getting out on the water, it's going to be a very difficult weekend for that.

But on Monday, a chance for some of that improvement, especially as the day goes on. And then we warm back up heading into Tuesday and Wednesday. So if you're spending the weekend planting, well, it's not going to stay cold forever. We know that. It is going to be June on Tuesday.