WBZ Evening Forecast For May 28

Jacob Wycoff has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- I think a lot of focus, you know, day-to-day life, whether you're stuck in traffic, maybe there's some type of road rage-- we tend to focus on the people who make us angry, but there are so many good people out there and a story like that really proves it.

- Right. And it's wonderful to be able to share that, just a reminder.

JACOB WYCOFF: And sometimes it's the small acts of kindness that really go so far and well done to that Wilmington angel there. We hit our high of 62 this morning, actually at 12:30 in the morning. And I think that we'll see that same sort of pattern setting up over the next couple of days where we have the overnight low temperatures or overnight temperatures be our actual highs for the day. We're right now at 54 degrees in Boston, mid-50s IN Norwood, 54 in Fitchburg, and as you go up towards Cape Ann, already the cool air spilling into the Merrimack Valley, upper 40s for Lawrence.

Our weather headlines look like this. We have a drenching holiday weekend ahead. It will be cool, there will be clouds around, there will be plenty of rain that will have to get through. But I also am optimistic that we could have some dry weather, the first one arriving Saturday afternoon, maybe around Sunday morning and then maybe even into Monday afternoon and evening. But by and large it's going to be a soggy weekend for sure. We're turning warmer as we go towards the middle and end of this upcoming week.

There's our culprit right there, this area of low pressure out towards the Ohio River Valley pushing in our direction, that easterly wind flowing around this low pressure, keeping us on the cool side, coming right off the ocean. And I really don't see any changes as far as our cool temperatures go really throughout the entire weekend. Wall of water moving in our direction, there will be some heavier downpours moving through tonight and into early Saturday. We're going to have to contend with anywhere from an inch to two inches for the first round of showers and downpours. You see tonight even some downpours moving through, some heavier rain through Saturday morning, and then that brief period of dry weather towards the midday and afternoon Saturday, so hopefully we can squeeze in some outdoor activities. Another round of showers and downpours arriving as you go into later in the day on Sunday morning and into the afternoon, and then another round Sunday night and into Monday.

So all being said, we're talking upper 40s, low 50s for Saturday, mid-50s for Sunday, and warming up just a little bit into Monday. And I am optimistic we'll be able to get some dry weather activities in. Now, if you're heading to the beaches, if you wanted to see sunshine, you're going to have to go elsewhere, the sunshine index at a one both Saturday and Sunday. The sun just simply will not be out this weekend. That northeast wind will turn up the seas a little bit too. So if you're brave enough to actually go into the ocean, just be warned that the water levels will be somewhat dangerous.

I mentioned Monday, we're going to start to clear things out the second half of Monday. And that is going to set us up for a really nice Tuesday and Wednesday. I think if you're looking for picks of the week of the seven-day forecast., It would be on Tuesday and Wednesday. But first we have to get through the first round, which is one to two inches of rain. When all is said and done, three to four inches of rain and so we're talking some really heavy rain totals. Your seven-day forecast looks like this, mid to low 40-- mid to low 50s, rather, as you go into the next couple of days. Warming up on Monday, still soggy in the morning, and then 70s for Tuesday and Wednesday. Dave and [INAUDIBLE].