WBZ Evening News Update For April 2

Fans were back at Fenway as the Orioles beat the Red Sox 3-0 on Opening Day; 2,160 new COVID cases reported in Mass; No RMV car inspections through the weekend because of an ongoing technology issue; Weekend forecast.

Video Transcript


DAVID WADE: Thank you for joining us. I'm David Wade with the WBZ News Update. Our top stories. For the first time in 18 long months, Fenway Park threw its doors open once again for fans. The pandemic limited capacity to just about 4,500 fans for the home opener. And the Red Sox, well, their bats were as cold as the temperatures. The Orioles shut out the Sox 3 to 0. The Sox only had two hits in the game.

The state's latest coronavirus numbers show new cases, well, kind of ticking up a little bit. They remain above the 2,000 mark at 2,100. There were 32 new deaths. The 7-day positivity rate went up slightly to 2.55%. Here's some good news though, the number of new vaccinations hit a single day record at more than 95,000.

Service stations will not be able to inspect cars all the way through the weekend because of an ongoing technical issue. The registry says there was a malware attack on the system used to approve new stickers. The registry hasn't been able to approve inspection since Wednesday. Police departments have been told to give people a break if they have an old inspection sticker. It is Easter weekend, so a lot of people worried about the weather forecast. Let's check in with Eric Fisher. Eric.

ERIC FISHER: A real cold night here as we kick off the weekend. Temps will be dropping back into the middle to even lower 20s and some teens expected for the coldest spots across the interior. So this is going to be a night that feels like winter. And if you're up early on Saturday, you'll want to be bundled up. But as the day goes on, we are going to get into some milder temps, upper 40s, around 50s. So back to more seasonable conditions. A lot of sunshine, a little northwesterly breeze. Overall, it's going to turn into a much nicer day to be outdoors. Close to the 50 degree mark in many spots.

We'll stay in the 40s across Cape Cod and the islands. A little chillier there. For those heading out to Fenway Park, compared to the clouds and the chill that was in the air on Friday, a little bit easier to take. We'll be rising into the upper 40s as the afternoon progresses. Bright sunshine expected. And for Easter, a mix of sun and clouds, low to mid 50s. Won't be as cold in the morning. Chilly if you have an Easter egg hunt during the first couple hours of the day, a little bit better as we head into the afternoon. Mostly middle 50s. Again, a little cooler across Cape Cod and the islands. But it looks like a dry couple of days. David.

DAVID WADE: All right, sounds great. Eric Fisher, thank you so much. I'm David Wade. This has been a WBZ News Update. We hope you have a great weekend.