WBZ Evening News Update For April 22

Number of high-risk communities drops to 48 in Massachusetts; UMass Amherst will require students to be vaccinated before returning to campus; Kingston, New Hampshire police investigate an explosion at a gender reveal party; Weekend forecast.

Video Transcript

LISA HUGHES: Hi, everyone. Thanks for joining us. I'm Lisa Hughes, and this is a WBZ News update. In the battle against the coronavirus, there are signs of progress. The weekly data shows the number of high risk communities is down again.

Last week, 59 cities and towns were in what's known as the red zone, but this week, the numbers dropped to 48. That is encouraging news, and more and more people in Massachusetts are getting the vaccine. The state's largest public university, we've learned, will require students to be vaccinated when classes begin in the fall. UMass Amherst says, every student must be fully vaccinated to live and learn on campus. The school plans to resume full operations for the fall semester.


That explosion rocked a New Hampshire neighborhood. The blast so big, it was actually captured on that Ring doorbell camera. Police say that boom was from a gender reveal party in Kingston. Someone mixed and explosive and chalk for the big reveal at a quarry, and that person turned himself in to police.

In case you're wondering, it's a boy. What a cold day for spring. We want to get a check of the forecast now with Jacob, and Jacob, it'll be nice when this turns around.

JACOB WYCOFF: Yes, yes, indeed. It will be turning around heading into this weekend. You know, we started off this morning below the freezing mark in many spots, so we had freeze warnings, frost advisories for parts of the area. And it was a winter like day and leading to a winter like evening too. Still, a few flurries out there that we're going to have to contend with. Really, no accumulations, but something you'll talk about.

Lows, tonight, falling back into the mid to low 30s as you head into the overnight too. Just make sure you take care of some of those tender plants that may be in the ground with a freeze warning in effect south of the Boston area. Now, heading into tomorrow, we will rebound very nicely. A lot of sunshine.

The breeze sticking around too. Upper 50s for our highs, and that's just the start of what will be a really nice rebound into next week. We're talking upper 60s, then upper 70s, and then low 80s towards Thursday of next week. We just have to get through Sunday. A split weekend. Sunday, we'll have some rain. Lisa?

- It's easier to get through Sunday when there is an 80 on the forecast. Jacob, thank you, and thanks for being with us. This has been a WBZ News update.