WBZ Evening News Update For April 27

Governor Baker easing some restrictions on masks outdoors starting Friday; Damaged sandbags have been removed from Plum Island; Black bear spotted walking through a Framingham neighborhood; Latest forecast.

Video Transcript


LISA HUGHES: Hi, everyone. Thanks for joining us. I'm Lisa Hughes. And this is a WBZ News Update. Signs of the coronavirus pandemic may soon be behind us. Starting this Friday, Governor Baker is going to ease the mask mandate outdoors. People will be able to remove their masks when they are able to be socially distant. And the governor set a new timeline for reopening, which includes bringing back amusement parks next month and a full reopening for businesses by August 1.

Plum Island is taking action after our story aired about those big sandbags that were left on the beach. And we brought you the story last week after neighbors complained that these super sacks wound up looking like trash in Newburyport. Today, city crews were out digging up those bags and removing them. The super sacks were placed on the beach ahead of some of the winter storms to prevent erosion. A long-term plan to stop erosion is still being mapped out.

If you live in Framingham, you're definitely going to want to be aware about this. There is a bear on the loose there. Police say they've received several calls that the bear was just walking through a neighborhood this morning. Homeowners saw it on Spruce Street, Eleanor Road and Knight Road. One woman says she was in the process of making her morning coffee when all of a sudden out of the corner of her eye she saw that bear. Animal control and environmental officer searched the area, but they didn't find the animal. So still out there.

I want to get a check of the forecast now with Eric. And Eric, if this was the pick of the week, the bar is low.

ERIC FISHER: Well, it was a very slow start, that's for sure. Cloudy morning, beautiful afternoon and evening. Tonight, we'll watch the clouds thicken up again. See lows in the 40s. There will be a chance for showers at a couple of points during the day tomorrow. One round during the morning and then late in the afternoon toward the evening some more showers. There could be some rumbles of thunder mixed in there, although I don't think we'll be tracking severe weather in the area for tomorrow. Temperatures will differ depending on where you live.

Much cooler North Shore, Cape Anne, toward the seacoast, largely in the 50s. And all of the South Shore will fall into the 50s during the afternoon. Meanwhile, the inland spots, southeastern Mass, back towards Central Massachusetts and Connecticut, a chance to pop into the 70s. So morning showers will kick off the day. Then we get a break in the action. Then late in the afternoon toward the evening, some more scattered showers and thunderstorms. We'll be in and out of more scattered rain on and off as we head through Wednesday night and throughout the day on Thursday. So all of a sudden, very unsettled pattern that we didn't really deal with all that much over the last couple of months. Lisa.

LISA HUGHES: All right, Eric, thank you. And thanks for being with us. This has been a WBZ News Update.