WBZ Evening News Update For April 8, 2021

New Hampshire will expand vaccine eligibility to non-residents on April 19; Mass. reports 1,938 new COVID cases; Fire crews called to rescue woman stuck in mud in East Boston; Weekend forecast.

Video Transcript


PAULA EBBEN: Thanks for joining us. I'm Paula Ebben with the WBZ news update. Our top stories. New Hampshire is expanding its vaccine eligibility on April 19th to everyone 16 and older. Governor Chris Sununu announced that appointments will be available to everyone, regardless of where they live. The expansion includes, college students who had been shut out of the process until now. The governor says with all states expanding eligibility, he's confident there will be enough supply to meet the demand.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has released the latest COVID-19 numbers. There were more than 1,900 new cases reported today on more than 112,000 tests. Sadly, eight more people died. Yet, that is the lowest one day number this year. The state's positivity rate is down a bit at 2.29%.

And it was an unusual rescue for our firefighters in East Boston today. A woman was walking her dog near Constitution Beach, that's when she got stuck in knee deep mud. Neighbors called 911, and fire crews used a longboard and a ladder to get her and her dog back on solid ground. And that woman was on the beach, of course, because it was such a beautiful spring day. Will it continue? Let's get a check of the forecast now with Eric Fisher.

ERIC FISHER: That poor woman, right? She's on the local news. Helicopter comes to her knees. That's a memorable moment. It was a beautiful day. Tonight, seasonable will be in the upper 30s to low 40s, with mainly clear skies. Tomorrow is a gem. Like a top 10 New England weather day. Tons of sunshine out there into the 70s for the inland areas. A little less of a sea breeze. It'll still be there. But the coastal towns will be a little warmer than today in the 50s and 60s. The coolest spots will likely be across the South coast. Especially, Martha's Vineyard in Nantucket.

We're well up into the 70s on Saturday. A warm start to the weekend. Full Spring Fever. Again, coolest on the South coast out in the Cape. And then we shift gears for Sunday. Cloudy day, cooler within the 50s in the morning, but 40s for many in the afternoon. And a chance of showers developing. Looks like some of the steadiest rain toward central mass. The lightest rain toward Essex County and into southeastern New Hampshire and the seacoast. Paula.

PAULA EBBEN: All right. Thanks so much. I'm Paula Ebben. This has been a WBZ news update.