WBZ Evening News Update For April 9

Shots fired into window of a barbershop on Tremont Street in Roxbury; Mass. reports 2,184 new COVID cases; Boston University will require students enrolled in fall classes to be vaccinated; Weekend forecast.

Video Transcript


KEN MACLEOD: Hi, everyone, and thanks for joining us. I'm Ken MacLeod with a WBZ News update. Our top stories, Boston Police investigating a daytime shooting in Roxbury. The shots were fired into the window of a barbershop on Tremont Street. Several bullets have been recovered at the scene, but fortunately officers say there was nobody believed to be hit. No arrests have been made in this case.

Boston University is the latest school that will mandate all students enrolled in fall classes get a COVID-19 vaccine before the semester starts. In a letter to students, the president wrote the goal is to move toward a new normal that includes only minimal social distancing.

Massachusetts has hit a new daily vaccination record. More than 112,000 shots were administered yesterday. The state also reported more than 2,100 new cases of COVID-19, for a positivity rate of 2.38%. There are nine newly reported deaths as well, and 711 people are in the hospital.

We had another beautiful spring day. Let's find out from Eric if that Sunday rain is a lot, or maybe just a little.

ERIC FISHER: I think more on the little side of things on Sunday, and really a spectacular end to the week. Tonight, we'll see some low clouds and fog return, especially toward the south coast and the Cape, pretty comfortable in the 40s. Tomorrow morning, some low clouds for parts of the area, especially south of the Mass Pike if you're up early on. Then, we'll break into the sunshine.

We may see some low clouds and fog kind of lingering, especially in the Sound and Buzzards Bay during the afternoon. So typical stuff for April. We have that southwest wind and some more moisture in the air, but it will be an otherwise sparkling Saturday. Clouds will fill in overnight.

On Sunday, we'll see showers developing as we head toward the afternoon. It'll be damp, it'll be cloudy, it'll be colder, but in terms of significant soaking rain, I don't think that's in the cards for us here at home. And tomorrow is basically full on spring fever, well into the 70s, 60s on the south coast.

And then on Sunday, that chance of showers, temps in the 50s. The wind will be off the water so more of a raw feel for the second half of the weekend. m Ken, the average high in Boston is 54 so it's very typical compared to the weather we've been having.

KEN MACLEOD: All right, Eric. Thanks a lot, appreciate it. And that is a check on your top stories from CBSBoston.com. We'll see you next time.