WBZ Evening News Update For February 22, 2021

Mass vaccination site opens at the Natick Mall; Body of a missing swimmer pulled from the icy water in Wareham; Boston Calling Music Festival cancelled this year; Latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript


DAVID WADE: Thank you for joining us. I'm David Wade with the "WBZ News Update," our top stories.

The first mass vaccination site in MetroWest opened today at the Natick Mall. The site will start with about 100 shots of the Moderna vaccine a day, and that will increase up to 1,000 shots a day in the weeks to come. However, the site wants to make it clear it's appointment only, there are no walk-ins there at the mall.

Wareham fire officials say they found the body of a man who went swimming in cold water and died. The fire department and dive team made the discovery just after noon today, after almost a full day of searching. Officials say the man willingly went into the water, something he did regularly. His friends called 911 when he didn't resurface. So far, no word on his identity.

Organizers of the Boston Calling Music Festival say this year's event is canceled again. They say they couldn't find a way to safely hold the concert this year. It was set to take place at the end of May. The 2022 festival is scheduled for Memorial Day weekend of 2022.

Let's get a check of the forecast now with Eric Fisher. Eric?

ERIC FISHER: Lots of changes out there over the next couple of days. We've have rain and snow for this evening, that's staring to push its way offshore. It will get colder tonight, upper 20s to low 30s. Not that cold, but chilly enough for some icy areas. So watch out for slick spots on any untreated surfaces overnight into early tomorrow morning.

We'll have some sunshine to kick off the day. Clouds will be bubbling in. But we do get about 40 degrees, which kind of feels like a victory these days. It'll be a milder one, not too much wind. The building clouds will be a slight chance for an afternoon flurry or sprinkle making its way on through. But a day with some more snow melting taking place, a lot of dripping across the region.

Wednesday, great day to get outside. 40s to around 50 degrees, much milder out there. Decent amount of sunshine, want to take advantage of. We haven't hit 50 since back in January. David?

DAVID WADE: I'm looking forward to that. Eric, thank you so much. This has been a "WBZ News Update." I'm David Wade, have a great night. Be safe.