WBZ Evening News Update For June 11

Provincetown lobster diver says he survived nearly being swallowed by a whale; Braintree officer wounded in a shoot-out has been released from the hospital; Pops 4th of July concert is at Tanglewood with fireworks at the Boston Common; Latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

LISA HUGHES: Thanks for joining us. I'm Lisa Hughes, and this is a WBZ News update. And we begin with an incredible story. A lobster diver off Provincetown says he was nearly swallowed by a whale. Michael Packard says he jumped off his boat, then felt a huge bump and realized he was in the whale's mouth. He says it spit him out after about 30 seconds he is now out of the hospital after suffering some bruises to his legs.

The Braintree police officer wounded in a shootout a week ago is now out of the hospital. Officer Bill Cushing received a hero's homecoming as dozens of people turned out right outside the hospital and many more on the streets to show their support. Cushing's K-9, Kitt, was shot and killed in the ambush. Fellow officer Matt Donahue was released from the hospital earlier this week.

The 4th of July concert in Boston, the Pops holiday spectacular, will take place this summer, but you're not going to see that concert on the esplanade. The Pops concert will take place at Tanglewood, in the Berkshires. 9,000 people will be allowed to attend that show. The concert will be live-streamed. The fireworks are normally over the Charles River, but instead in the city those will explode over Boston Common.

Now the weekend is upon us now. Why don't we get a check of the forecast with Eric. Looks pretty good.

ERIC FISHER: Yeah, pretty good. We'll start with a little bit of rain in the morning, but overall we're going to improve as we head through Saturday and a nice day on Sunday as well. Some of that rain starting to cruise down out of New York State will be scattered rain and showers overnight, temperatures in the 50s, damp and cool outside. That's the way we'll start the day on Saturday.

The steadier rainfall will be pushing on through though. It does end fairly early. So if you have early soccer practice, baseball games, fields are going to be wet but I think the steadiest is gone by about 9 to 10 AM. We'll keep the clouds till about lunchtime, and then see increasing sun on Saturday afternoon.

Second half of the day looks to be in pretty good shape. Talking about a 1/4 inch to a half inch of total rainfall out of this one, so keep the lawns and gardens happy. We're getting to the 70s on Saturday afternoon, Sunday the warmer of the two weekend days as you make a run back up toward 80 degrees. More of a summer feel returning. Lisa.

LISA HUGHES: All right, Eric. Thank you. And thanks for being with us. This has been a WBZ News update.