WBZ Evening News Update For March 16

MBTA Orange Line car derails near Medford’s Wellington Circle Station; Moderna starts COVID-19 vaccine trial on children; Portrait of JFK on loan to Bidens from Museum of Fine Arts; Latest forecast.

Video Transcript


LISA HUGHES: Hi, everyone. Thanks for joining us. I'm Lisa Hughes. This is a WBZ news update. An Orange Line train derailed near Wellington Station in Medford. This is a brand-new train car. It was headed north when it went off the track while crossing to the southbound track to avoid some maintenance work. No one was hurt, but the investigation is underway.

LISA HUGHES: Cambridge-based Moderna has started testing its coronavirus vaccine on children between the ages of six months and 12 years. These are clinical trials. Experts say the study will help determine if the vaccine is safe for kids, and exactly what the right dose would be.

A piece of Boston history is now hanging in the White House. The Museum of Fine Arts has loaned a portrait of JFK to the Bidens, specifically one that Jamie Wyeth painted in 1967. That portrait is now hanging in President Biden's study. The Kennedy family had actually asked Wyeth to create this portrait after JFK's death. Initially, he said no, but eventually acquiesced, studying films, photographs, and even Bobby and Teddy Kennedy's mannerisms to create the work because he had never met JFK himself.

Well we are in for an interesting weather week. And for more on that, we turn it over to Eric Fisher.

ERIC FISHER: Well, we had the big cold on Monday. Tonight, not as cold. Mostly cloudy skies. There'll be a chance for a passing flurry. Upper 20s. And then tomorrow looks like a very nice St. Patrick's Day. Be up into the 50s during the afternoon. A mix of sun and clouds, not too much wind. A nice day to be outside. Definitely a spring feel back in the air. Some 40s near the South coast and the Cape.

Thursday, also in the 50s. Some milder conditions, but the clouds will be increasing and in comes some rain. It'll start as mild rain late in the afternoon and toward the evening. But overnight, colder air starts to funnel in. Looks like we'll flip over to a band of some steady snowfall here during the overnight hours and early on Friday morning. This is a perfect opportunity for accumulating snow late in the season, because it's happening in the middle of the night, and it should come down at a pretty good clip. So I'd expect things to look like winter again. Some slick travel early on Friday morning within at least the first couple hours after sunrise. After that, we'll be looking at generally improving conditions, and a lot of what falls just melts during the day. Still with cold air, that strong late March sunshine does a lot of work. Whatever's left would melt on Saturday. Looks like one to three inches across most of the area is most likely. We'll be watching to see if this bulks up a little bit, drops more precipitation. If that happens, we could see a more moderate snowfall here. Again the timing, Thursday night into early on Friday. Most of the day Friday will be dry. Lisa?

LISA HUGHES: Thank goodness. Eric, thank you, and thanks for being with us. This has been a WBZ news update.