WBZ Evening News Update For March 24, 2021

Plane goes off the runway at Beverly Municipal Airport; Swastika was found written in chalk on a school's basketball court in Marlboro; Prosecutors: Bloody boots found in car of the Waltham attacks suspect; Latest forecast.

Video Transcript


LISA HUGHES: Hi, everyone. I'm Lisa Hughes. This is a WBZ news update. A plane off the runway at Beverly Municipal Airport. The FAA is saying the pilot, who was a student, was trying to take off when he swerved and then wound up on the grass. The pilot was the only person on board, and the good news here is that that pilot was not injured.

A swastika and the word "Hitler" found written in chalk at the Goodnow Brothers Elementary School in Marlborough. A staff member found that message on the basketball court and called police. The principal says they're taking action to make sure that incidents like this don't happen again.

And prosecutors right now are laying out the evidence they say connects a man who is now under arrest to a string of attacks in Waltham. 24-year-old Clauvens Janvier hid his face when he appeared in court. He's accused of attacking 11 men. Investigators say they found a machete, a firearm, and a pair of bloody boots in his car, and that the blood matched one victim's DNA. Janvier is being held without bail.

Well, in this very nice stretch, we have a few clouds out there. And Eric, sounds like we may get a little rain, too?

ERIC FISHER: Yeah, it'll wring some of those clouds out during the overnight. Not a Soaker that we could use, but a start here. We've got some rain that will push across the region during the overnight. Temperatures will hold in the 40s across the area, a little fog as well. And that rain will generally pick up about 1/10 to a 1/4 inch for most of us here. So again, it's some rainfall, but it's not going to be a drenching. It ends early tomorrow morning.

We'll start off cloudy, but by late morning, the sun should be breaking out. And the afternoon looks incredible outside, warm and bright. Still battling fog right along the immediate south coast with that mild air moving over the ocean water, which is still very chilly. So a cloudy start to the day. By lunchtime, the sun is increasing. The afternoon looks really just amazing. Make sure you're outside for the afternoon and early evening, with temps climbing into the 70s.

Right along the coast, seacoast, Cape Ann area, right on down through the South Shore, we'll see temps in the 60s. There's just not enough of an offshore breeze to bring that milder air right to the waterfront. Close to records-- I think Worcester has a better shot than Boston, forecasting 75 there at the airport. And even on Friday, we're looking at the upper 60s to low 70s. Again, a chance for some scattered rain. The highest chance on Friday looks to be during the morning. Lisa?

LISA HUGHES: All right, Eric thank you. And thanks for being with us. This has been a WBZ news update.