WBZ Evening News Update For March 25

Eric Fisher has an updated weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- To be a really beautiful day.

ERIC FISHER: Quite a turnaround. It was a gloomy morning out there, not uncomfortable, just gloomy. And then once the sun burst through the clouds, it's a whole different world. Temperatures soared up into the 70s in some towns. Central Massachusetts got the most out of the day because that clearing was moving from West to East. So the mid 70s in Winchendon and West Brookfield. 73 in Clinton. Gardner got up to 73 degrees. Low 70s in Grafton. As well as Millis.

So some of that warmer air did make its way into metro West. If you're right along the coastline, a little cooler. But this is a pretty spectacular evening by late March standards. Got some 50s in Newburyport, Rockport, Gloucester. So usual coastal spots. A little chillier than everyone else. A light sea breeze out there. Same story in Swampscott, and Lynn, then [INAUDIBLE] down toward Boston, at least near the airport. But once you head toward Cambridge, you're up near 70 degrees.

In terms of the dew points, there in the 50s, maybe a little bit of a different feel to the air. We finally have some moisture out there. A little muggy tonight. Frogs will certainly be singing in a lot of the vernal pools out there. You might even see a couple mosquitoes. They wake right up as soon as it's warm. And I would not be shocked to have a couple out there tonight.

Clouds will start to increase again. We're watching this storm system, which is producing some dangerous tornadoes in the South. This is another significant tornado outbreak. Those tornado watches are out. From just about the Gulf Coast all the way up into Southern Illinois and Indiana, a really dangerous and destructive tornado just came through the Brent, Alabama community. And so we'll be watching this tonight. But they've already produced damage and they have been deadly up to this point as well.

So that highest risk zone across Alabama and then into Tennessee, also into northern Georgia, as the night progresses. We're just going to get some rain showers out of this. They arrive late tonight. It will stay quite mild in the 50s. And then as we get toward tomorrow morning, again, it's a damp start to the day. If we're also into kind of the nature part of things and the changes, good night for the salamanders to be out. I bet they'll be on the move. So be careful if you're driving through any of those areas where they cross the road.

Chance for some downpours early tomorrow morning, maybe a rumble of thunder. Warm but not nice tomorrow. A lot of cloud cover. A spotty shower lingering into early afternoon. And if we get enough sunshine, we may even see an isolated thunderstorm. Otherwise, we'll just get some late day clearing. And the winds will pick up during the afternoon. So expect a lot of clouds, that muggy feel, 60s, and then spiking to near 70 once we get some of that late day sunshine. I think we could hit 70 in Boston. Otherwise it'll be middle to upper 60s. Again if the sun comes out a little earlier, that's going to bring up our chance for an isolated storm.

We'll also see the winds really start to pick up out of the Southwest. And during the afternoon, and the evening, we'll likely be gusting about 30 to 45 miles per hour in most towns, maybe even some isolated pockets of damage to go along with that. Then we move toward the weekend. That system moves away. Really a splendid start on Saturday. Looks like a beautiful day. If you want to get outside, this is going to be a winner. I did notice today in the public garden in Boston, the magnolias are starting to bloom. So we're going to get more and more of that spring color showing up, especially after a day like today.

Then on Sunday, in comes the rain. It looks like a very wet second half of the weekend. This could be a pretty good soaking. Not always great to have it on the weekends. But we do need the rain. It'll keep spring going along and things greening up. We'll be in the 50s as those areas of heavy rain move through.

If you're heading out to the golf courses, tomorrow morning looks the most damp. Gusty in the afternoon. Saturday is the pick. Sunday, might be able to sneak in in the morning before that rain develops. And as you'd imagine, we're kind of saying goodbye to the snow season. With this stretch, the snow's been disappearing by the end of the weekend. Basically just the high peaks of the Greens, the Adirondacks, and heading up into the White Mountains, and the presidentials. That's where you'll find some of the snow cover.

Next week, we start off cool and breezy on Monday. But a quick rebound for Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm also keeping an eye on that Thursday forecast. Right now, looks like rain for the Sox home opener. But it is seven days out.

- Exactly. Hopefully that'll change a little. Eric, thank you.