WBZ Evening News Update For March 29

MBTA has set goal of getting back to pre-pandemic service levels; More NH residents eligible for COVID-19 vaccine this week; PAX East Conference in Boston cancelled; Latest forecast.

Video Transcript

LISA HUGHES: Hi, everyone. I'm Lisa Hughes. This is a WBZ News update. Calls continue for service to be restored for MBTA riders, service that has been cut because of the pandemic ridership. Very low ridership has had an impact on the T's revenue. Today the MBTA General Manager Steve Poftak told the fiscal management control board that more than $800 million on the way from the federal government will make a huge difference. He anticipates getting back to pre-COVID service levels.

Starting today, New Hampshire residents 40 and over can start signing up for a coronavirus vaccine, and Wednesday, appointments open up to people 30 and older. Friday, everyone in New Hampshire, 16 and older will be eligible for an appointment.

The PAX East Conference in Boston has been canceled this year. The gaming convention was scheduled for June 3 through 6 at the convention and exhibition center. The PAX event director says they were hoping that the convention could go on safely, but now feels it would be best this year to cancel as a precaution. The convention though does plan to return to Boston in 2022.

Well March, is ending on a sunny note, but boy this was one windy day. want to get a check of the forecast now with Eric.

ERIC FISHER: Got some strong gusts over 50 miles per hour in the area. That wind diminishing tonight. So it's getting calmer out there. We'll reach temperatures in the upper 20s to low 30s by the time we wake up on Tuesday morning. So a bit of a frosty start to the day.

That's it. It's the nicest day of the week. Get outside and enjoy lots of sunshine, not too much wind, and high temps it'll be up around 60 during the afternoon. So this is going to be a good one to spend some time under the bright sun. Low 60s inland. A little cooler on the south coast of the Cape. High temps in the 50s there.

It'll be milder on Wednesday for the final day of March. But also cloudy or so, maybe not as nice of a feel, compared to the bright blues we'll have overhead on Tuesday. As we look toward Wednesday night, in comes some rainfall. This is could be a pretty good soaking Wednesday night and into Thursday morning.

It looks like it'll be wrapping up sometime early to mid afternoon on Thursday. But we'll continue the greening up process across the area. We've caught up for that rainfall deficit that we saw earlier on in the month. Lisa.

LISA HUGHES: That's good news, Eric. Thanks, and thanks for being with us. This has been a WBZ News update.