WBZ Evening News Update For March 30

Postal truck was caught in the crossfire of a shooting in Roxbury; Bedford man held without bail after allegedly killing his girlfriend in York, Maine; Car crashes into community health center in Roxbury; Latest forecast.

Video Transcript


DAVID WADE: Thank you for joining us. I'm David Wade with a WBZ news update, our top stories. A postal worker was caught in the crossfire of a shooting in Roxbury. Investigators say bullets hit the truck just above where that worker sits. The driver nor anyone else was actually hurt in the incident. Police are now trying to figure out who was firing those shots.

A Bedford man accused of killing his girlfriend at a beach in Maine appeared in court today via Zoom. Investigators say Jeffrey Buchanan attacked Rhonda Pattelena from behind while she was standing on York Beach. Two eyewitnesses told state police they saw it happen. The incident was also caught on surveillance camera by nearby businesses, according to police. Buchanan will undergo a mental health evaluation and is being held without bail.

Boston police are investigating what caused the driver to crash into the Whittier Street Health Center in Roxbury. The driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. Despite the damage to the building, the site actually still administered all of the vaccines that it was scheduled to do today.

Let's get a check on the forecast now with Eric Fisher. Awesome day today. How about tomorrow?

ERIC FISHER: Well, tomorrow very mild, not quite as blue sky sunny as what we had today, but we won't complain for March. Tonight, temperatures will stay in the 40s, clouds increasing a bit after midnight. That southwest breeze will keep us from really cooling off too much.

Tomorrow, we'll have more filtered sunshine. It's not going to be a dense, dark overcast, but there'll be more clouds than sunshine. That being said, we still jump well up into the 60s, so it's going to be a pleasant day to be outdoors-- a little bit muggier too, not humid, but you'll notice a little uptick in moisture in the air. And that's going to be followed by some rain.

As we head toward the evening hours, showers will become more likely. And the steadiest rain looks to be here overnight into Thursday morning. Temperatures will stay in the 50s all night, so definitely a spring rain. And then as we head into the day on Thursday, we'll taper off to just some scattered shower activity. It won't be consistent rainfall as we head toward lunchtime and beyond. It'll also get colder, falling into the 40s on Thursday afternoon.

So for the Red Sox, I think the steady rain is going to be done. There'll still be some scattered showers around though. Temperatures will be falling back. It'll certainly feel more raw outside by the end of the game. Might be playable though. So we'll keep you updated on the forecast as we sneak a little bit closer. David?

DAVID WADE: All right. Eric, appreciate it. I'm David Wade. This has been a WBZ News update. And thank you for watching. Be safe. Have a great night.