WBZ Evening News Update For March 31

Three-year-old girl rushed to the hospital after falling into a pool in New Bedford; Man charged for murder in Winchester found not guilty by reason of insanity; 17-year-old arrested on charges connected to a shooting in Dorchester; Red Sox Opening Day forecast.

Video Transcript

DAVID WADE: Thank you for joining us. I'm David Wade with this WBZ News update. Our top stories, a near-drowning involving a little girl in New Bedford. The fire department there says the three-year-old fell into this swimming pool at a home on Christopher Court. Her parents started CPR, and firefighters took over when they arrived. They were able to resuscitate her. She was taken to the hospital, where paramedics say the child had a, quote, "good pulse."

A judge has found the man charged with murdering a woman in the Winchester Library not guilty by reason of insanity. Prosecutors say in 2018, Jeffrey Yao randomly attacked 22-year-old Diane Stryker, killing her. Three experts found that he didn't have the capacity to understand his actions. There was no jury in the case, just the judge to decide the verdict.

A 17-year-old has been arrested on charges connected to a Dorchester shooting that left a postal truck with bullet holes. The incident happened just before noon in the area of Quincy Street and Dacia Street. The US Postal Service driver was not hurt, but the truck, some nearby fences, and other cars on the street had bullet hole damage. Let's get a check of the forecast now with Eric Fisher. Eric?

ERIC FISHER: Hey there, David. We have a mild finish for the month of March. Tonight, we'll see temps in the 40s and 50s, areas of rain developing. It'll be a mild and breezy way to kick off April for us. And it looks like some of the steadiest rainfall develops around 11:00 or midnight tonight, and be with us through the early morning hours on Thursday. Might even get a couple of rumbles early in the day as the steadiest rain moves through. Warmest temps will be in the morning in the 50s, but it does get cooler into the 40s during the daylight hours. Steady rainfall, though, is over by mid to late morning. And so while there's a chance for a scattered shower during the rest of the day, it's mostly just going to be kind of ugly. 40s, breezy, and mostly cloudy skies.

It looks like about a half-inch to an inch of total rain from this storm system, so pretty good drink of water. Knocks some pollen out of the air. Again, mostly 40s during the day tomorrow, and drying out a bit for the afternoon. Bring some rain gear. A scattered shower possible for the Red Sox, but they should be able to dry out the field. Great grounds crew, they'll be hard at work, and it looks like this will be playable if not beautiful, which is kind of the way early April baseball goes in Boston. David?

DAVID WADE: Well, if they win, it will be beautiful nonetheless.

ERIC FISHER: Very good point.

DAVID WADE: All right, Eric, thank you, this has been a WBZ news update. I'm David Wade. We thank you for watching. Be safe.