WBZ Evening News Update For May 20

Several homes were damaged by a massive fire in a Revere neighborhood; Gov. Baker would support an independent investigation into Mikayla Miller's death; Mass. will reinstate work search requirement next month to get unemployment benefits; Latest forecast.

Video Transcript


DAVID WADE: Thank you for joining us. I'm David Wade with this WBZ News Update. Our top stories, a fire engulfing six homes and causing extensive damage in Revere. That fire broke out at a triple-decker on Endicott Avenue, and then quickly spread to neighboring homes.

The plume of smoke could be seen for miles. At least 15 families have been affected. Fortunately, there were no injuries.

The governor says he would not be opposed to the state's attorney general opening up a separate investigation into the Mikayla Miller case. The Hopkinton teenager's family is questioning the medical examiner's report that she committed suicide.

They want the district attorney Marian Ryan to recuse herself. On WGBH radio today, Baker said he supported Ryan, but wants to make sure the teen's grieving family knows their daughter's life has been treated with respect.

If you are getting or trying to get unemployment benefits, you'll soon have to prove that you're actually looking for a job. The Baker administration says work search requirements will be reinstated the week of June 15. This will apply to anyone who's been getting pandemic emergency unemployment compensation or extended benefits. The work search requirement was suspended in March of last year.

Our streak of incredible weather continued today. But how much longer will it continue? Let's check in with Eric Fisher. Eric.

ERIC FISHER: It's been pretty ridiculous, just gorgeous weather out there. Tonight, few passing clouds, lows near 50. Tomorrow, another nice day, mix of sun and clouds. Up into the 80s we go.

Little bit warmer for some towns. We've been in the 80s for inland spots over the last couple of days. Tomorrow, with more of a southerly breeze, we'll get some of those 80s closer to the coastline, especially from the South Shore to Boston. Parts of the North Shore will tuck in some of that warmer air. Last couple of days, we've had more of that east seabreeze. Our cooler spots will be on the South Coast and the Cape.

Weekend, full summer mode. Well into the 80s on Saturday. A chance for a couple of showers and storms during the afternoon. Sunday, again, a chance for a couple of scattered showers and storms during the afternoon, and maybe our first 90 of the year. It looks like a very warm second half of the weekend. David.

DAVID WADE: All right, Eric, thank you so much. I'm David Wade. This has been a WBZ News Update. We thank you for watching. Be safe. Have a great night.