WBZ Evening News Update For May 4

District attorney reveals the timeline of a Hopkinton teenager's death; Judge orders a new trial for the weapons conviction against Sean Ellis; Time Out Market in Boston will reopen next week; Latest forecast.

Video Transcript

DAVID WADE: Thank you for joining us. I'm David Wade with the WBZ News update. Our top stories, the Middlesex County DA, laying out a timeline of what happened to Hopkinton teenager, Mikayla Miller, in the hours before her death. The DA says that Miller was involved in an altercation with four teenagers the day before her body was found, but says digital evidence shows they were not with her in the time before she died. No cause of death has yet been determined. The DA says the investigation is not over.

A judge has overturned the last remaining conviction against Sean Ellis, who spent more than 20 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. The judge ordered a new trial on Ellis' illegal firearm conviction. The DA said she would not prosecute, again, which ends the long running case against Ellis. He spent more than two decades in prison for the killing a Boston Police Detective, John Mulligan, before his conviction was overturned because of police misconduct.

And Fenway's Time Out Market is set to reopen to the public next week. The massive food hall opened back in 2019, but decided to close down in December because of the pandemic. Now, on May 13, it will reopen with several new restaurants and bars, delivery options, and an app for contactless ordering. Let's get a check of the forecast now with Eric Fisher. Eric?

ERIC FISHER: Hey, there, David. We've got another round of rain making its way on in tonight. Temps in the mid to upper 40s. Most of the rain returning after the midnight hours. If you're headed out in the first half of the night, if you're walking the dog, you should be in good shape.

Tomorrow starts off wet again. Temps in the 50s. A couple of rounds of some showers, some downpours, and the chance for a rumble of thunder. Cool day all across the region. Not a ton of wind to go along with this one.

The rain, again, coming in a couple of rounds late tonight, scattered downpours. That chance for some thunder and a damp start to the day tomorrow. Should be a few more scattered showers and a chance for a rumble of thunder during the late afternoon and the evening. We'll completely dry out as we head late into Wednesday night.

Rain amounts, I think, most towns will get about a half inch to an inch of rain additional after what we already got over the last 24 hours. I think this one model is maybe just a little bit conservative with those rain amounts, and we're back to the sun on Thursday. And we're back to the 60s as well. David?

- All right, Eric Fisher, thank you so much. I'm David Wade. This has been a WBZ News update. We thank you for watching.