WBZ Update For February 22, 2021

WBZ-TV's Paula Ebben and Sarah Wroblewski have your latest news and weather.

Video Transcript


PAULA EBBEN: Thanks for joining us. I'm Paula Ebben with a WBZ news update. Our top stories this Monday, a new mass vaccination site has opened at the Natick mall. The plan is to administer 500 doses a day to start, with the goal of boosting that to 3,000 doses a day in the coming weeks. On Wednesday, another mass vaccination site will open at the old Circuit City in Dartmouth.

Starting today, football, cheerleading, indoor track, and some basketball programs in Massachusetts can all resume activities. Seasons will be shortened, practices must be held outdoors, and masks need to be worn at all times. Massachusetts is expanding its pooled testing program to more school districts. The program allows labs to test up to 20 samples at once.

If a batch comes back positive, individuals in that group would each get rapid coronavirus tests. Governor Baker says hundreds of schools have expressed interest in joining the program. The State Education Secretary believes expanded pool testing could get more students back into classrooms for in-person learning. Let's get a check of our forecast with meteorologist Sarah Wroblewski.

SARAH WROBLEWSKI: We're going to be watching as rain and snow moves in through the afternoon and evening. And you can see here on the map that we will see the steadiest snow to the North and West as temperatures are above freezing in the Boston area. The southeast likely going to be just rain, although initially, could see that burst of a mix before we see that change over. Noticing the winds out of the south. That will keep temperatures on the milder side.

So a closer look through the afternoon and during that early evening commute, expect mainly rain across our eastern areas. But then you get outside of 495, and we'll be watching for some snow. And most of the accumulation will be the grassy surfaces, higher elevations as you travel north and west. In fact, it will really get washed away to just some rain across parts of 495 by this evening, and then this system moves on out of here so fast that we actually dry out later on tonight.

So as far as snowfall forecast, not a big storm by any means. However, we still have the chances of some minor slushy accumulations across the higher terrain of the Western Hills into parts of New Hampshire and Vermont, as well as out through the Berkshires, but likely just a mix to rain, and then as you get closer to Boston and southeastern areas, just a rain event. But keep in mind, could see some icy spots develop overnight as temperatures fall back below freezing.

But we get a nice recovery tomorrow with temperatures in the 40s. Mostly cloudy, though can't rule out a spot shower, but temperatures continue to climb by the middle part of the week close to 50 in spots. Then a weak front comes through late in the week. That will bring in some clouds and cooler weather for Friday. And as for next weekend, looking as though we could see a wintry mix on Saturday, but a recovery in temperatures by Sunday. Paula.

PAULA EBBEN: Thanks Sarah. I'm Paula Ebben, this has been a WBZ news update. Have a good day.