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Eric Fisher has an updated weather forecast.

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ERIC FISHER: You can see the effect of the ocean very clearly this time of the year, almost always the case unless you have a good offshore breeze. Near the water, 50s. Right off the coast, 60s just a few miles inland. Then, you get into the 70s outside of 495 today, but pretty much a sparkling spring day for everybody. We've had so many that it's now quite dry in the area. If you go for a stroll during the day around the vernal pool or some of the streams and brooks that you're used to being very full at this point of the year, they're probably not.

Just haven't been seeing a whole lot of rainfall. Although, I do think that is going to start changing as we get toward the second half of the weekend. More chances ahead. Temperatures out there tonight, in the 40s for the most part. The breeze has gone southerly on us. And so we won't see too much more of a drop. And there's still plenty of mild air in the East. We've got two more days to go before we start to see that shift.

And although rain is pretty close by, see some of it now into Western Pennsylvania, we don't have any rain here until Sunday heading into the weekend. So a little bit left in the tank. Tonight's lows, upper 30s to low 40s. There'll be some cloudiness mostly toward the South coast in the caves. Some low clouds and some fog filling in late tonight. And so might be a slow start there.

Otherwise, we're just off to the races with a beautiful day, a South southeasterly breeze, tons of sunshine, mild temperatures, it's a day you have to get outside. Open up the windows. Air things out. We'll be in the 70s for all the inland spots. There'll be a sea breeze, not as aggressive as an onshore breeze as what we had today, but during the afternoon, you'll feel the cool air coming again if you're right along the coast, supposed on the Eastern shoreline and the South Coast for tomorrow.

Then, on Saturday, southwesterly breeze. We could really see some warm temperatures well up into the 70s, especially on the Northwest side of Boston. Meanwhile, the cool spot, South Coast in the Cape again, 50s and 60s. This is going to be that full fledged Spring Fever kind of day. We've seen so many more colors out there and more trees blooming. All of a sudden, getting a little bit greener as well.

Saturday is kind of the crescendo of all that for now. And then on Sunday, hmm, put on the brakes a little bit. We're in the 50s. We'll fall into the 40s, and wind comes on shore, and we've got an increasing chance of rain to go along with it. So it's a split weekend. Saturday is certainly the day to get outside. Sunday morning, we may stay dry to start the day, first few hours. As we get to mid and late morning, an increasing chance of rain towards Central Massachusetts.

And then as we head toward the afternoon, I think we'll see that rain start to extend toward the coastline and the Eastern end of the state. Now, the biggest question is, will this be substantial rain to really help us out? Looking at, hmm, say, a half inch or more. Best odds are looking like the Worcester area South and West toward Connecticut in Western Massachusetts. The lowest rain totals, basically just some light stuff, would be more toward Essex County in southeastern New Hampshire in the seacoast.

So not really expecting that full drenching that we could use, but it will be at least something, and it will knock some of that pollen out of the air, which will be sky high by Saturday with all those trees waking up. Now, next week, we start to enter this more typical April pattern. It's no big storm, but some scattered showers possible on Monday, and perhaps Tuesday, and again on Wednesday.

Temperatures mostly in the 50s by day and near 40 by nights. Not unusual, but it'll help to make up a little bit of this rainfall deficit.

- And they'll bring those mayflowers.

ERIC FISHER: And we definitely want some more of that. It's got to have some rain in spring.

- That's right. All right, Eric. Thanks.