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Eric Fisher has an updated weather forecast.

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LISA HUGHES: What a day we had today. And it ended so beautifully.

DAVID WADE: And it sounds like the temperatures are all going to go up as the week goes on, right Eric?

ERIC FISHER: Not too shabby, is it here. The spring that we've had so far after the sunniest March on record in the Boston area. It's been a pretty mild April. Temps in the 50s and 60s today, some 70s down toward the Connecticut River Valley, even Bennington, Vermont. So the calendar is starting to fill up with some red squares here. We'll be adding at least a few more of those over the next few days. It has just been a really nice start to spring. Right now, we're mostly in the 40s and 50s. A couple of cool spots-- Plymouth as well as the Vineyard down to 39 degrees with some clearer skies there.

All across the east-- I mean, lots of 50s, 60s, even some 70s at this hour. And this pattern has a little bit more staying power before we start to switch the script a little bit as we get toward next week. All the stormy weather right now that's across the Midwest will stay well to our west. We're just going to get a little bit milder each day as we make it toward the weekend. So low to mid 40s tomorrow morning for most towns. Low clouds are going to fill in. And tomorrow acts as the opposite of what we had today. We'll have some low clouds in the morning. Then it gets sunnier as we head toward midday in the afternoon.

Some low clouds and some fog will fill in again for early Friday morning, and then those will lift. And we're going to look at a very warm end to the week. And some 70s are possible here for Friday, as well as Saturday. Now tomorrow, even though there'll be some morning cloudiness giving way to sunshine, kind of doing things backwards, the temps will be identical. Some 50s at the coastline, low to mid 60s for the inland spots. The farther west you go the warmer it's going to be. Again, if your travels take you toward the Connecticut River Valley, they'll be around 70 degrees.

Again, the coolest temperatures will be on Cape Cod and the islands. But it's going to be a nice spring day. Then on Friday, warmer air mass, chance for some 70s for all those inland spots. Still not a good offshore breeze. So sea breezes are going to develop, but it will be a bit milder for the coastline towns. 50s and 60s will be likely there on Friday. Great day to get outside, open up the windows, air out the house, air out the schools if you can, all good options. Now on Saturday, I think high pressure will still be protecting us, keeping any cloud cover and the moisture at bay.

So as long as it's sunny enough, we'll have the mid maybe even some upper 70s here on Saturday afternoon. Sunday though, a change. The east wind kicks in, cooler air, more clouds. We're watching that chance of rain developing. Still don't think we're looking at a chance for a really good soaking here, which is much needed at this point. The best chance for some heavier rains are more toward Connecticut and the Berkshires. I still think we'll get some scattered showers, some rainfall knocking some pollen out of the air. But in terms of getting those 1/2 inch to 1 inch totals that we could really use, this point, not really feeling it.

We'll see if that changes over the next couple of days. Certainly Saturday will be the day to take advantage of outside. Warm temps up into the 70s, 60s on the south coast, 50s on Sunday. The tree pollen though, if you're an allergy sufferer, going through the roof Friday into Saturday. More and more trees sending out their buds and their flowers. And for the warmer temps on Friday and Saturday, you'll notice a significant change. If you're a bird watcher, you're also might be thinking about the hummingbirds that are making the way north. We just got our first sightings near the south coast in southern New England.

And so it's a good time to start thinking about the feeders in the backyard. As for next week, that pattern shift. A good chance for those April showers. Doesn't look like any big storms but some scattered showers, cooler temps. Highs mostly in the 50s. David and Lisa, I'll send it back to you.