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Eric Fisher has an updated weather forecast.

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- --all of that.

- I intend to really wait for summer and then just go crazy. I mean, look at this. We have a live picture of the Bourne Rotary. Thinking about going over the bridge, fried clams. That's all I'm thinking about at this point.

- Ice cream. That sounds pretty good.

ERIC FISHER: Oh, that sounds nice. Oh, does that sound nice! Yeah, I'm with Wade, I think, on this one. But also, I heard Christine's story before she did it. I made my son's skiing lesson plans a couple of weeks ago. So that's our weekend plan. I bet there'll be a few others out there on the slopes with us.

Our snow storm making its way off toward the east. And things starting to wind down, really impressive burst of snow that came through here this evening. Things are just lightening up to some flurries and light snow fall from the North Shore and up toward Cape Anne. Same story in Boston.

All done in Metro West and Central Mass. And even some of the heavier snow bands are starting to break apart here in the southeastern corner of the state. Still some additional accumulation. But the lion's share looks to be done at this point. Some more snow totals, got a half foot in Whittman. Randolph, up to five. Same story in Millis. About five in Northbridge and four in Clinton, Gardner, as well as Gloucester.

Thanks to all of our weather watchers who are out there measuring the storm system. And pretty much all the accumulation came once the sun went down. Really shows you the power of the sun, even here, as we get toward mid to late February. If it's out there and it's not snowing like crazy or unusually cold, it takes a while.

It also takes a while when we have snowflakes like these, which aren't really flakes. These were the needles that you might have seen out there today. When you have a different type of temperature or humidity in the cloud, you can get these different forms. Snow comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

The classic snowflake, you want to see a layer where the snow is being formed where it's about 12 to 18 below 0 Celsius. That is the sweet spot. When it's warmer, you get these little needles or columns. But look at all the different ways that snowflakes can form. If you look really closely, you the macro setting on your camera, you can see what all these look like. But today, a lot of people were noticing that unique shape.

Temperatures are in the 20s to low 30s right now. Slick spots on the roadways with the snow tapering off to some ocean effect snow showers on the south shore and Cape Cod. And the last of the flurries there should start to break up around sunrise tomorrow. So some additional light accumulation possible near the coastline. Otherwise, we are done with this one.

Waking up to readings in the 20s, region wide. Our storm system heads offshore. But it will induce a northwesterly breeze. Chance for a couple of flurries, more clouds than sun tomorrow. A little bit sunnier on Sunday. In fact, full sunshine expected there. So this could be a good winter sports weekend.

It is going to be chilly, low to mid 30s for high temperatures tomorrow. Some sunshine, but I think the clouds are going to win out more than the sun. About 31 in Worcester, 34 in Bedford and Boston, to 36 in the Taunton area. So there will be some melting. And Sunday, some more melting, again, mostly lower to a few middle 30s out there. But the bright sunshine and less wind.

And great conditions on the slopes, really comfortable temperatures. Again, Sunday's kind of one of those bluebird days out there. And on Monday, a chance for a little more snow for interior sections of New England. You also notice, we've got more daylight to play with. We've got sunrise at 6:33 tomorrow, sunset at 5:23.

It means we are three weeks away from Daylight Saving Time, which is on March 14. And that's when we get that daylight past 7:00 PM in the evening, total game changer. As for next week, we are watching a system on Monday to kick things off. There's enough cold air, this may start as some snow as it moves in on Monday, especially for those interior spots, changing over to rain for most of us.

The best chance for over an inch would be for some of those Worcester County locations and up into New Hampshire. Right now, I don't expect an inch inside of 495. And certainly, not for southeastern Massachusetts, will get mostly rain and some melting after today's snow. And then a little more melting in the forecast next week.

A few days in the 40s. Haven't had that for a while. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday may be battling some cloud cover. But it'll be a good stretch for some melting. And kind of pretty thick snow pack and a lot of towns. We could use a more manageable setup as we head toward March. David and Lisa, back to you.

- It sounds good. Eric, thank--