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Eric Fisher has an updated weather forecast.

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- Very different around here.

- Yeah, the possibility of reaching 50 degrees. And Eric, I don't know why that's so important to me. I mean, 49 degrees, 50 degrees-- they're the--

- It's a benchmark.

- --same thing. But I really want that 50 tomorrow.

- Yeah.

ERIC FISHER: Sometimes you just make it up. I think it's going to be 49. I put 50 on there just to geek--

- Let's do it.

ERIC FISHER: --everyone up. Make sure you're--

- Let's do it.

ERIC FISHER: --excited. All right. Well, tomorrow--

- Woo-hoo!

ERIC FISHER: --we've got a chance, and yeah, it's all relative. It's going to feel pretty nice out there tomorrow. Today at 43. And that felt pretty good. And that was a pretty typical late-February day. But a good amount of melting. Some signs of spring, like this picture sent in from Jen Lajoie in Salem, close to a building. Snow melts away. You get a little extra heat from the brick and the rocks. And so you start to see some of these early blooms. And parts of Cape Cod seeing their first crocus and snowdrops blooming as well.

Meanwhile, some cool skies, too. Kraig caught these overhead-- some altostratus clouds. Very wavy. What you're seeing here, basically, alternating pockets of rising and sinking air that develop. A turbulent day, too, for airplanes that'd be flying through that.

Temps right now very comfortable for the overnight hours, especially compared to where we've been. We're in the 30s, for the most part. Everyone's above freezing. You look across the country. Weather likes to snap back after something extreme. Had all that cold. The record set across the plains last week. And now, 67 degrees in Dallas, where they were subzero at night just a few days ago.

Across the Northeast, we've got mostly cloudy skies across Western New England, got mainly clear skies in Eastern Massachusetts. For the most part, these will break up, and we'll see a sunny start to the day tomorrow. Then, not bad. Generally at or above the freezing mark as we kick off the day. It's going to be a day full of snow melt out there. Does turn breezy in the afternoon, the breeze out of the Southwest.

So tomorrow might also be a day where there's a little bit of bird migration going on-- some of our spring friends starting to return to the area. Best chance of hitting 50-- that's going to be where there's less snow on the ground, so Boston area, South and East, Taunton area, Plymouth. In the city, we may hit 50 degrees. If you're in central Mass or southern New Hampshire, some mid, maybe upper 40s. It'll be cooler, but certainly a good amount of snow melt going on.

Then tomorrow evening, a cold front is going to roll in. With that, a chance for some passing rain showers. This is basically at night-- in the middle of the night. Not expecting much rain from it. But the wind picks up behind that front, and it brings in some colder air as we look toward Thursday and Friday. We'll have bright skies but a chillier end to the week.

Thursday's highs-- generally 30s to low 40s. It'll be mildest during the morning and then actually drop a little bit during the day. Friday, we're in the 30s, maybe just touching 40 in the warmest spots. Turns milder for the weekend, again. But there's a bit of a trade-off. It becomes more unsettled. A good chance of rain on Saturday. As high pressure moves offshore, more of a southerly breeze. Not a ton of cold to work with. So this looks like primarily rain on Saturday. May start as some wet snow flakes.

Then on Sunday, another system nearby, this one still a little bit more in flux. We'll see if we actually get rain during the day, or if this waits more towards Sunday night to bring another round of showers on through.

In terms of the snow pack, well, if you're near the coastline, essentially gone over the next couple of days. And same idea for Southeastern Mass. A lot more snow once you get away from the coast. So if you're in that 495 belt and into MetroWest, not going to lose all of it by the end of the weekend, but a really good dent in it by the end of Sunday. The hills are still going to have quite a bit of snow left over. But you will see, at least, things becoming more manageable.

Next week, we've got highs near 50 for March 1 and chance for a few showers. Watching Tuesday. There's a lot of back and forth, in some of the guidance, whether or not we get a harsh shot of cold for about a day or if it's just a meager shot of cold. Seven days out, so I'll be watching that one. David and Lisa, back to you.

- Never thought I would vote for meager, but let's do it.

- Woo!

- Thanks, Eric.