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Eric Fisher has an updated weather forecast.

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- Been missing going into those places. We've all been outside, and it sounds like our opportunities outside are going to be a little more pleasant this week, temperature-wise.

- Yeah, if I could go outside, Eric, without stepping in a foot of snow, I'd be pretty happy.

ERIC FISHER: Well, we're going to get there, for sure, as we make our way deeper into the week. Had some rain today, and some snow in parts of the area. And then over the next few, we're definitely going to see some pretty significant melting. Not going to take away all the snow in most spots, but it's going to be a start as we make our way towards spring. Transition time.

Right now, well, a high of 40 in Boston today was right on target, but a low of 19, cold start out there early on. Right now, we're mostly in the 30s. Still around 40 in New Bedford, 40 in Hyannis. We are seeing some sub-freezing temps in southern New Hampshire, parts of Worcester County. And so there will be some slick areas overnight as things freeze back up.

But you look across the country, compare it to last week with that severe cold weather outbreak across the middle of the nation, things have changed quite a bit. So we've kind of flipped the script. Often, weather likes to snap back when something extreme happens, then you start to head in the opposite direction. And I think that is beginning for us.

Tonight, drying out. We're seeing clearing skies. Interesting if you look at the comparison between coastal areas, like Boston, and inland areas, once you get away from the water. We've had 15 inches of snow this February, don't expect any more in Boston. So that will basically be a completely average, almost to the number, amount of snowfall for the month.

Meanwhile, if you go inland, places like Worcester, 31 inches of snow so far this February. That is definitely above the norm, and the season running well above the norm as well. For a whole season, the average in Worcester is 73.8, so if it doesn't snow again, it'd be a below-average season. But I'm pretty sure it's probably gonna snow again before the season is done.

Temps right now-- or overnight, I should say, will fall back in the upper 20s to around 30. Watch out for the icy spots tomorrow morning. Best chance of sunshine will be during the morning hours. Definitely going to be a loud birdsong kind of morning out there, as we have milder starts. Starting to feel that change in the seasons, the daylight has definitely changed on us.

And as we head toward midday and the afternoon, the clouds will fill in. During the afternoon, there'll be a chance for a couple of scattered rain or snow showers. They're going to be most likely across the higher terrain into Central and Western Massachusetts, as well as Vermont. So enjoy the morning sunshine, then the building clouds. A little southwesterly breeze tomorrow, and certainly some melting snow. Temps, again, low 40s for most. Some upper 30s across the higher spots in Central Mass.

Now Wednesday is gonna be the day to take advantage of. We're up into the 40s, some towns touching 50 degrees. Southwesterly breeze out there. Definitely going to have a more springlike kind of feel, a little more sunshine to go along with it. So Wednesday is a pretty big melt day. If you do have an appointment, you're traveling-- I know vaccine appointments have been frustrating over the last couple of weeks with the weather. No concerns at all this week. Weather will not be a problem for any travel.

Great weather for skiing and snowboarding. We've had plenty of snow. Today, mostly new snow in the mountains. The rain line didn't get that far north and west, so an excellent week to take advantage of. And then as we head toward the weekend, we'll track another system. This is going to bring us a chance for some scattered rain on Saturday, maybe some interior snow, and it's chased by some pretty mild air for Sunday.

And you look at the seven-day, and it's certainly a far cry from last week's seven-day. I promised you, this one actually panned out. So we're happy about that. But once we got through the weekend, you know, we've had that pattern shift. So it's mostly 40s now, a chance to hit 50 degrees. Our coldest day looks like Friday, and even there, highs in the upper 30s with bright skies. Lisa and David, back to you.

- All right, Eric, thank--