WBZ Update For March 21, 2021

WBZ-TV's Ken MacLeod and Sarah Wroblewski have your latest news and weather.

Video Transcript

KEN MACLEOD: Hi everyone, and welcome to this WBZ web update. I'm Ken MacLeod and here are some of the stories making news right now.

The town of Swampscott is dealing with its largest COVID cluster since the pandemic began, forcing the high school to switch back to remote learning for at least two weeks. The superintendent is blaming an off-campus event that contact tracing has determined might have exposed as many as 100 people. And it's not just high school kids affected. The town administrator is urging all unvaccinated residents to get tested. Swampscott, of course, is where the governor lives.

Massachusetts is taking the next step in the reopening process tomorrow by beginning the fourth and final phase of reopening. Stadiums, arenas, ballparks will be allowed to open at 12% capacity. And the limits on gathering size will increase to 100 people indoors and 150 outside. Outdoor dining will also resume in Boston. And dancing will be allowed at weddings and other events.

Boston police have identified the man shot dead early Saturday in Charlestown. They say the victim is 33-year-old Jawad Muhammed of Mattapan. Police tell us Muhammad was found inside a home on Mystic Place in Charlestown. No arrests have been made and police have not yet publicly talked motive. They are asking anyone with information to give them a call.

Time now to check on that forecast. Meteorologist Sarah Wroblewski joins us now. And she could say, simply, it's gorgeous. But my suspicion is she'll go into more detail.

SARAH WROBLEWSKI: Oh yeah. I'll keep talking. I mean, it is just really fantastic today. Temperature is actually a little bit cooler in Boston then it was yesterday. But elsewhere, we climbed well into the 60s. A sea breeze kept things a little bit cooler for the Cape and islands too.

So currently we've got temperatures in the 50s and Boston still 60s inland. We've got clear skies. High pressure in control, keeping us dry and quiet. And it will stay there as we go through the beginning part of the week. Now there will be a disturbance off the coast that may spill in a few clouds through the overnight hours. But most of the precipitation just stays offshore.

We'll also be watching a system out to the west, but overall I am expecting clear conditions. Perfect viewing tonight for the International Space Station from 7:54 to 8:01. You're going to be talking about a seven-minute window to be able to see the ISS. Pretty cool. Look from the west-southwest to the northeast.

With clear skies and light winds once again, we're back into the 20s and 30s. So another cool start to your day tomorrow. But with sunshine, we'll see temperatures once again climb well above average into the upper 50s at the coast, as well as the lower 60s inland. Perhaps a little bit cooler for the Cape and islands with that onshore wind.

Pollen levels also will be relatively high through the week as we've got this dry, warm pattern. We will be watching though, as late in the week a few chances of some showers. It does look as though we should stay dry for your Wednesday, although clouds increase. Thursday, could see an isolated shower but a better bet of some scattered rain likely heading our way for Friday. So we do see some unsettled weather return late in the week.

But the temperature is just really fantastic. Mainly in the 60s with morning lows in the 30s. A little bit cooler with that cloud cover on Wednesday. But we surge with warmth on Thursday, ahead of that system for Friday. And then slightly cooler as we head into the weekend, Ken.

KEN MACLEOD: Overall, I like the sound of that, Sarah. Thanks. And that is a check on your top stories from cbsboston.com. Hope you have a great night. We'll see you next time.