WBZ Update For May 1, 2021

WBZ-TV's Nick Emmons and Jacob Wycoff have your latest news and weather.

Video Transcript


NICK EMMONS: This is a WBZ News update. I'm Nick Emmons. Here are our top stories. Powerful winds caused a lot of damage across the state on Friday. Take a look at what happened in Malden here.

Gusts toppled a massive gas station sign. It landed on top of a car where two people were inside. Neither were hurt and somehow just minor damage. Crews brought in a crane to remove the big sign, and that gas station has since reopened.

Well, if you are outside and at least 6 feet apart from other people, you can now take your mask off in Massachusetts. As the sun returned, many people in Boston were seen taking advantage of the relaxed rules. Masks are still required at all events, even if they're outdoors and inside in all public places. They're also recommended at small private gatherings.

Nurses at St. Vincent hospital in Worcester will return to the negotiating table this afternoon. Tomorrow marks eight weeks since the nurses went on strike, demanding the hospital improve staffing and improve patient care conditions. This will be the second round of negotiations. Tenet Health Care says they are willing to compromise and plan to propose a new staffing proposal that they say meets the nurses' requirements.

The Patriots now have three draft picks under their belt. Last night, the team traded up to pick Alabama defensive tackle Christian Barmore as the 38th overall pick. Then in the third, round they drafted Ronnie Perkins at number 96, a defensive end from Oklahoma. The Pats have seven more picks in the fourth through seventh rounds. Now let's get a check of the forecast with meteorologist Jacob Wycoff. Hey, Jacob.

JACOB WYCOFF: Hey, Nick. We're dealing with some showers and some clouds to start off this morning. These are very light in nature, but the overall trend will be a clearing one as we go later into the morning and into the afternoon. So I think it's going to be a fairly nice day, back into the mid to low 60s.

Notice the wind gusts a little bit less than what we saw yesterday, that damaging wind in our rearview mirror. The winds relaxing into the afternoon.

Our seven-day forecast shows mid 70s for your Sunday, back into the mid 60s with some shower chances Monday, Tuesday, upper 50s for Wednesday, dry for Thursday, and then a coastal storm chance heading into Friday. We'll watch that time frame closely. Nick.

NICK EMMONS: All right, Jacob, thank you. And I'm Nick Emmons. This has been a WBZ news update.