WBZ Mid-Day Forecast For March 20

Meteorologist Jacob Wycoff has your latest forecast.

Video Transcript

JACOB WYCOFF: --the first to welcome you to spring. We're exiting a winter that saw some snow, saw some cold temperatures. But, boy, this weekend we're flipping the switch on those springtime conditions. Phenomenal spring weather over the next few days. This weekend, likely the nicest weekend we have seen all year.

Dry pattern is back. We started out the month on a pretty dry note from March 2nd to the 17th. No precipitation. We got some last Thursday. And looking ahead, there's not much rain in the forecast.

And unfortunately, while most of us are going to be enjoying the spring-like weather, there will be some cooler conditions along the coastline. We'll look at that in just a second.

But you see the immense ridge of high pressure that's in place. That's going to anchor itself over New England over the next few. And you can thank that for the amount of sunshine that we're going to see.

And as this shifts off to the east, we see temperatures progressively getting warmer. So by tomorrow, we're back into the mid-to-low 60's. Same story into Monday. Maybe a couple of extra clouds heading into Tuesday.

But, boy, this is going to be a fantastic stretch. We're starting out the springtime season with well above average temperatures, upper 50's. Back into the low 60's for Sunday. There will be a bit of a sea breeze. I think the Cape and islands, especially the outer Cape, you could stay, actually, in the upper 40's.

Most of us staying on the mild side. We're going to start to need the rain by the time we get towards the end of this stretch, because we are just so darn dry and so mild that the ground is going to definitely dry out a little bit.

We do have a chance for some showers heading Thursday night and into Friday. But leading up to then, really nothing on the board. Maybe a sprinkle on Wednesday. Definitely not widespread. We're running a deficit, for the month, of nearly 2 inches. And that's going to grow over the next few days.

And so what we've seen is abnormally dry conditions setting up in the Berkshires, Connecticut River Valley, the South Shore, into the southeast coastline. So we'll have to watch this closely.

We exited a drought in 2020. We were in good shape for the winter. But over the last month or so, we've seen dry conditions sneaking back in. So we want to reverse that trend.

Over the next 6 to 10 days, we are looking to be well above average. This is a probability chance of above-average temperatures. You see most of Southern New England well above average for our chances.

Our seven day forecast. Over the next seven days, we're going to be 5, 10, 15, even 20 degrees above average. And I think that it's going to stay the same heading into the next 10 to 14 days, as we enter into April. So enjoy the weekend. Enjoy the 50's and 60's and the sunshine.