WBZ Mid-Morning Forecast For April 8

Zack Green has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

ZACK GREEN: Good morning, and thank you for joining us. I'm WBZ meteorologist Zack Green.

And what a beautiful stretch we've been in. And today is no exception. Plenty of sunshine to go around in the morning hours. Some fair weather clouds kind of grazing through coastal locations. Once we get closer to midday and through the afternoon, we'll see those come and go if you are by the water.

And there is likely going to be a temperature gap, where those close to the shoreline will land into the low and mid 50s. Those away from the water won't have the influence of that onshore breeze, which is going to remain calm. But you're expected to get into the low and mid 60s west of 128. Let's include Boston in that track, too, though. And as we go north of the city, really, the northern tier of Massachusetts will be our warmest areas.

Now towards Worcester County, 65, if not 66 when all is said and done. Tomorrow, the exact same temperature spread, but everybody is going to get a boost. Those east of Buzzards Bay is going to have a better chance of seeing 60 degrees. That will be around for the beaches in eastern Plymouth County, too.

Open the windows scenario, shorts and t-shirts, as we go away from the water. Expecting the low 70s to be checked off in many locations. And the mild air doesn't stop there. We carry it over into the first half of the weekend.

And then we're staring down a system that's going to develop over time and toss some showers in our direction for Sunday, mainly in the afternoon. If you have any plans on Sunday morning, including your tee times, we should be doing OK.

Closer to lunch time, that's when we get a little bit nervous. We start to spark off some of that rain for the early afternoon. And it'll carry us into most of early parts of next week. So we look from Sunday the second half of the day into Monday to bring us anywhere from a 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch of rain.

We will need the showers at that point. We're starting to get more of a deficit in that abnormally dry trend across southern New England. So today, tomorrow, and Saturday definitely our pick. But we'll need the rain by Sunday.