WBZ Mid-Morning Forecast For February 23

Zack Green has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

ZACK GREEN: Good morning, and thank you for joining us on this Tuesday. I'm WBZ meteorologist Zack Green. Overcast skies to kick things off initially. There was a beautiful sunrise, but we quickly masked things over. And this great scene is going to carry us through the rest of the afternoon.

Not a huge headache but some spotty showers are going to be possible. Once we pass 2:00 PM, interior locations and elevation is going to help the cause to bring in some wet snowflakes. So we look into Worcester County and for Berkshire County. That's going to be the best case to see. Some of this light flurry activity. I don't think it's going to amount to anything.

As we make our way to the 495 corner, Lowell Connector, right down through Metro West, 128, the greater Boston area, too, dodging a few raindrops. Very short-lived. Is wrapping up this evening. This brief brush actually pulls the clouds away overnight so we are back into the sunshine on Wednesday. Tomorrow's what we've been waiting for.

Still chilly in the morning. We're expecting blue sky across the board in the low 30s. So we may still have some freezing potential. So icy pockets can't be ruled out. But by the afternoon, melting, thawing, a beautiful day. We're expecting fairweather clouds and with it, calm Southwest winds to push us towards 50 degrees. Tomorrow, no doubt going to be our pick.

We fall back into the 40s. A little more seasonable as we head into Thursday afternoon. Dry with high pressure continuing right through the end of the week. And then we focus on our next waves roll in for the upcoming weekend. It seems to be split at this point. Saturday is the more active of the two. Mainly looking at rain chances. Our temperatures just seem to be too warm to truly facilitate any snow. But again, interior spots, we can't seem to rule it out. For Sunday, that's our winter. Partly to mostly sunny skies. And we're expecting a huge boost back in the low 50s.