WBZ Mid-Morning Forecast For June 6

Jacob Wycoff has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

JACOB WYCOFF: It's Sunday, everyone. Starting out the day on the mild side, warm side, in many spots. Yesterday we did hit that 90-degree mark in Boston. Same in Fitchburg. 87 degrees in Taunton for the afternoon high.

So some places hitting 90, others falling just short. I think a lot of places today will cross the 90 degree threshold. So looking at our weather headlines, we have four more days of 90-degree potential before the pattern starts to shift. And along with the 90-degree temperatures, we also have some pretty muggy conditions.

Right now it's fairly comfortable, but into the afternoon we'll start to see some higher humidity values mixing in, and so we do have the potential for one 100-degree heat indices in some areas. Beyond that, a few rain chances. Tuesday, Wednesday a rain chance and we turn cooler towards the end of the week. That's when we really start to see the pattern shift.

South and West of town, high pressure in place. That's what's really just anchored itself in this area. We'll start to see this retrograde back to the West as you go into Wednesday and Thursday, and that's when we start to see that cooler air filtering in.

Temperatures though, already on the mild side, already in the 80s in many spots. Well on our way to our second straight 90-degree day. Satellite and radar scanning dry.

A lot of sunshine throughout the day today, unlike yesterday where we had some thunderstorms roll through New Hampshire and into the Merrimack Valley. I don't expect that to be the case today. Tomorrow, a slight chance of a thunderstorm possible.

Today, mid-90s, the hottest day we have seen thus far, this year. And again, if you factor in that humidity, pushing close to 100 degrees for the feels like temperature. Also should mention reduced air quality. Increased levels of ozone through parts of Norfolk County, into Plymouth and Bristol County, also the Cape and islands.

Ozone, when you have these really hot temperatures like what we'll see today, has a tendency to kind of congregate right along the ground level. So if you have asthma, if you suffered from COVID and your lungs took a hit, you will want to definitely take note of this and reduce your time outdoors just so that you don't get impacted by that increased level of ozone. Tomorrow, returning back into the middle 90s.

Almost a copy and paste forecast from today to tomorrow. Although we do have that slight chance for a shower. That's going to be mainly into the afternoon. 92 for Tuesday.

So we continue that stretch of 90s. We set the mark with a heat wave tomorrow, and then we're continuing it into Tuesday and even into Wednesday. Plays out with some sunshine for today. We will have a few high thin clouds mixing on in.

Tomorrow starting out dry. There's your shower chances. Notice how just isolated these are. Another chance as you go into the evening, drying out heading into Tuesday.

Tuesday, I think, a couple extra clouds and also some increased rain chances into the afternoon. I still think we will hit that 90-degree mark on Tuesday. So we'll call it a little higher chance this Tuesday and Wednesday.

But beyond that, Thursday into Friday, our pattern shifts. That's when cooler air filters in. And if you're seeking cooler air today, I think the place to be is actually the Cape and islands. Low 80s, mid to upper 70s for your Monday. Perfect beach stretch of days for the next couple, somewhat insulated, from the high temperatures that we will see.

Hotter will retrograde back to the West, cooler air as the jet stream folds back closer to us. So that means that by Thursday and Friday, we're going to be near 70 degrees for both of those days. There's your stretch of 90s from Sunday through Wednesday.

Pattern shifts back into the 70s and eventually into the 60s. So we'll watch these closely to see how long our heat wave continues, but definitely a warm stretch. Definitely stay cool throughout the day today.