WBZ Mid-Morning Forecast For March 14

Jacob Wycoff has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

JACOB WYCOFF: Sunday morning, much like yesterday, we had half the day that was windy, half calmer wind. We're going to flip the script though. This afternoon and evening is actually when we see some strong wind gusts moving through. We do have a wind advisory that's in effect. And that's the leading edge of some arctic air that's going to be passing through.

We could see an isolated shower or snow shower that pushes through, kind of isolated in nature, not everyone seeing that. But the bottom line is by Monday, feeling more like January with windchills well below 0 for many locations as kids wake up and head to the bus stop, as you head out for your morning commute. It is going to be chilly.

There are some of those snow showers I mentioned through northern New England, trying to pass through our area. By the time we get into the afternoon, there could be some areas that pick up on some snow. Not going to pose any threat. High pressure in place. That means sunshine for much of the day. And I don't think that's going to change into tomorrow either.

The cold air still kind of bottled up near Lake Ontario. But it will pass through. So highs tomorrow will struggle to get out of the 20s.

A lot of sunshine. The wind is around for the afternoon and evening. Dry weather in the forecast really through about Wednesday before we start to see some changes.

Today getting back into the middle 40s, isolated flurries, northwest wind 35-plus miles per hour. We could see some isolated spots that are 40 to 50 miles per hour. And that could potentially cause some wind damage, much like what we woke up to yesterday. And those feels-like temperatures are in the 30s.

Notice our Futurecast model showing those 30 to 40 mile per hour winds. Same story into the evening. I think the strongest of the winds will actually be out towards the outer cape and the islands where they could pick up those 40 to 50 mile per hour winds. But look at what you're waking up to. Those wind chills on Monday, 0, below 0 in many spots. There will be a lot of sunshine. But we're going to struggle to get past that 28 degree mark. In fact, if we are in that 28 degree mark, we're going to make a run for the coldest high temperature on record for March 15 in Boston. And our records date back almost 150 years at this point.

Worcester, you're going to be in the general neighborhood, maybe slightly above the record. It's going to feel like January with our air temperature, with our windchill. Our next rain chance arriving, really widespread rain chance Thursday night and into Friday. Hopefully, we can pick up on some of that rain because we are dry. We've been bone dry the last two weeks. We have a critical fire danger for today with the winds, with the low humidity, with the dry brush on the ground. It's a recipe for fires as they start to continue to grow.

There's a chance for a snowflake Wednesday morning. A better chance for widespread rain arrives Thursday night and into Friday. Hopefully, this works out. At the moment, it's kind of taking a flatter view. So we would be on the northern extent and not getting the soaking rains that we need. You see through Saturday, only 1/10 of an inch. That is not going to help us catch up on what is an inch and a half rainfall deficit at the moment.

Our seven-day forecast has upper 20s for Monday, feeling more like the teens or single digits pretty much all day, back into the low 40s for Tuesday. And 50s returning for the middle part of the week.