WBZ Midday Forecast For April 11

Jacob Wycoff has your latest forecast.

Video Transcript

JACOB WYCOFF: The sunshine from yesterday, no longer around. Unfortunately, we have some dense fog that has set up across the area. Also, where it's not foggy, it's just overcast. And I don't expect a lot of sunshine in the forecast. We have dense fog advisories out for the Southeast coast. The Cape and the islands, reduced visibilities in those areas. That advisory runs until 10 o'clock this morning. Don't be surprised if it's extended, or, at least, there is some patchy fog throughout, really, the afternoon as well.

78 was our high yesterday. We hit the warmest day in 2021. Unfortunately, the rug being pulled out from under us. We're back to average or even below average temperatures for today. Cooler air in place. We're also shifting to a pattern that's more conducive to April showers. You've heard that phrase, April showers bring may flowers. And this is the sort of week that we get that moniker from. No soaking rains though-- no washouts of days as we do have dry and drought conditions setting up. We could use one of those days. It's just going to be kind of overcast.

Now, our temperatures have been plummeting, really, all morning. We started out in the middle 50s. We're in the upper 40s. And I think this is really kind of where we're going to stay. We're going to tack on maybe a degree or two from here, but it's going to be one of those days that we don't see much difference based on the cloud cover, based on the direction of the wind. And you see the clouds that have just overspread the area, so I don't expect a lot of sunshine today.

Low 50s, upper 40s for highs. The rain chances increase into the afternoon. The cold air is pushing on in, and it's going to make itself kind of anchored into place over the coming days. And so as systems try to push closer to us, it's bumping into that colder denser air. And it doesn't actually push on in. So that stationary front is where we would actually see some of the heavier rain totals. It's going to be to our south and to our west.

I still think we get some drizzle. We still get some showers, but not to the extent as to what we need. We have almost daily rain chances over the next five days. We're running, right now, a monthly departure of about 1/2 inch. And this is what we get over the next 48 hours. Despite the fact that we are going to be gray, kind of dreary, kind of drizzly, it's not amounting to more than a 1/4 of an inch at best. I think that some places remain completely dry.

And I mentioned the drought conditions that have grown. We started out last week at about 50% of the state. That grew to 75% of the state, and it wouldn't surprise me if, on Thursday, when the newest drought monitor comes out, we see those dry conditions expanding. And the reason this is important-- this is a precursor to moderate drought. And moderate droughts start that process of triggering water restrictions, water bans. Not the direction we want to go as we head into spring time.

So your seven day forecast does have some rain chances as we look to the next four or five days. It's not going to be washouts of days, which is kind of what we need at this point. We're stuck in the 50s. Compare that to the 60s and 70s last week. And we might see a little bit of sunshine as we go towards the end of the week. We'll see how that actually plays out.

Notice, overnight lows staying sort of on the mild side. A couple of 30s towards the end of the forecast too. We will, once again, watch for any frost that may affect plants that have already been put into the ground. Have a great Sunday everyone.