WBZ Midday Forecast For April 25

David Epstein has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

DAVE EPSTEIN: Well, it's a damp Sunday across the area, and depending on what time you're watching this, it may be raining. If you're watching later on in the afternoon, it's not. It's shutting off here this afternoon. After 2 or 3 o'clock, we'll watch the chance of rain really diminish pretty quickly. I think we may actually see some clearing, and the sun may be out. But it's not going to get warm, temperatures in the low 50s throughout the day.

Notice a little bump up in temperature. That's because the rain stops, and we could see some brightening skies here, especially west of 495, where the sun will probably come out before it goes down. Low 50s over the Cape and the islands, where you will not see any sun.

Tonight, mostly cloudy skies to clear skies. Temperatures cooling off, down into the 40s. Tomorrow, breezy, gusty winds up near 60. And what happens thereafter? Well, you know, we go into some nice weather. Tuesday's beautiful, a blend of clouds and sun. Wednesday, warm, into the 70s. Maybe a few showers Thursday. That icon looks a little more pessimistic, perhaps, than it is. And Friday and Saturday a little cooler. Have a great Sunday.