WBZ Midday Forecast For April 8

Zack Green has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

ZACK GREEN: Beautiful day ahead of us. And in fact, the morning was stunning as well. We'll likely have a calm breeze through the course of the day. So open the windows. Let that refreshing air right back in. And it may be even shorts and T-shirts weather as we go into the afternoon.

Pretty much spoiled for the month of April. So far, we've only recorded two days of below average conditions. So for the first week, we were five days above average. And we got a few more red boxes to check off for Thursday, Friday, Saturday. And we include Sunday in that track. The difference is going to be some scattered showers that arrive for the second half of the weekend. We'll have more on that in just a moment.

Starting to hit a cap in our temperatures. But it's still pretty mild across the board, with the low and mid 60s from Boston to Worcester line. North of the pike is going to be the warmest spots, especially as we head out towards the Worcester hills. It's going to be 65, if not 66, when all is said and done today.

We always seem to have that gradient in the springtime when you get that easterly wind component, the developing onshore breeze. We'll keep the Cape and the islands as well as Eastern Plymouth County just a little bit cooler, still very comfortable if you're around Buzzards Bay.

Tomorrow, almost an identical scenario. We'll wake up to a little bit of cloud cover. And there's a chance that we get some reduced visibility. Fog development might be possible as we go towards the South Shore, Cape, as well as Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. It will not be lasting long. Shouldn't have any issue on the drive early on.

And as we go into the afternoon, we're expecting mostly sunny skies to wrap up our week. And with it, our temperatures will move in a big way, likely between the mid and upper 60s for most, with 70 degrees checked off in the 128 corridor out towards 495 and moving farther west. Again, we're going to get light and variable winds. But most of it is going to be influenced at least from the cooler ocean. So we're expecting those right by the coastline to be a touch cooler. But instead of the low 50s that we have today, it's probably going to hover around 60 degrees for tomorrow.

Mild air continues right into the first half of the weekend. We'll be staring down another system that seems to approach us for Sunday but mainly in the afternoon hours. I don't think it's going to be much of a hassle early on. So if you have any plans outdoors in the morning, whether you're just out and about or you got a tee time, the earlier the better. We'll probably be able to fit a full 18 in prior to launch time and prior to any of those raindrops ultimately impacting us.

We're expecting anywhere from about 3/4 of an inch to maybe a full inch when all is said and done, beneficial rain. We desperately need it at this point. The latest from the Massachusetts drought monitor shows a little more widespread in that abnormally dry category. So chipping away at the deficit is going to definitely help the cause as we go from Sunday afternoon and through the day on Monday, scattered chances to begin next week. We'll dry things up though as we approach 60 degrees on Tuesday.