WBZ Midday Forecast For February 21

Jacob Wycoff has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

JACOB WYCOFF: Good Sunday everyone. We're expecting sunshine from start to finish. Really pleasant day. Afternoon highs getting into the low 30s. High pressure in place. The flow around high pressure actually kicking off a few ocean effect snow showers. But our next widespread event arriving tomorrow. This is the system that's out in the Great Plains at the moment.

But I mentioned that Northwest wind you see that's showing up a little bit on that wider view. But zooming on in there's your ocean effect snow showers for the outer and mid-cape. No real accumulations with this just conversational flurries as you go into the morning. These should diminish. Everyone getting in on the sunshine.

Temperatures right now in the 20s, on our way to the low 30s for our afternoon highs. Notice all those sun icons. Really looking great as you go into the afternoon. So not only getting that melting done but less wind. So our feels-like temperatures will be in the middle 20s into the afternoon.

Beyond, that high pressure relents. We see our next storm system arriving through the Ohio River Valley. This is a quick mover. Should initially be some snow North and West of Boston as you go towards Boston and South and East. This will be a rainmaker. We get a nice southerly push, so afternoon highs returning to the upper 30s to near 40 degrees.

We're expecting one to three inches in the Northwest hills outside of 495. As you get closer to 128, basically, outside of 128 and closer to Boston, coating to an inch. A lot of that coating to an inch will likely melt away as the snow changes over to rain. And this is a rain event as you go towards the South shore, the Southeast coast, the Cape, and the islands. So the biggest hazard is going to be snowfall. And that's really going to be confined to northern Worcester county, Northwest Middlesex County.

So for example, if you're traveling on route 2 in northern Worcester county, between about 2 o'clock and 6 o'clock, you could encounter some dicey conditions. Other than that, we have a really kind of weak storm that's going to pass on through. Rainfall also not impressive, a 1/2 to maybe a 1/2 inch in some spots. Likely melting the snow pack in your backyard. We shouldn't see much as far as an icing threat goes today, or into the next few days.

34 for an afternoon high. We're going to stay mainly in the mid to low 30s for much of the area. And wind being a little bit lighter, wind-chills not a concern compared to yesterday. Back into the middle teens into the overnight and tomorrow returning to near 40 degrees. That afternoon and evening snow and rain moving on through. Again the snowfall confined to North and West outside of 495.

Jet stream pattern setting up. That really builds the mild air as we go into the next few days. So 40s from Monday into Thursday. Our pick of the week and pick of the month arriving on Wednesday. Upper 40s and even towards the middle of the week looking good. Back into the middle 40s for Tuesday and also into Thursday. So there's a check of your seven day forecast. Have a great Sunday everyone.