WBZ Midday Forecast For February 23

Sarah Wroblewski has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- A little warmer today than it was yesterday. Tomorrow though, it's going to feel awfully good to hit that 50 degree mark in some spots. Meteorologist Sarah Wroblewski joins us now. There does seem to be a little bit of a change in the air this morning, Sarah.

SARAH WROBLEWSKI: You can feel it, right? And I think it's the daylight getting a little bit longer too. So it feels really nice when you have that sunshine out there. And we are talking about that spring-like warmth. Temperatures could potentially hit 50 degrees in Boston tomorrow, which would be 10 degrees above the average. It would be the first 50 this month. But typically, January and February, we get about seven 50-degree days. And really, we've only had one back in January, on the 16th.

And so far, the mildest day this month has been 42 degrees on February 6. Well, it's already 40 in Boston right now, 30s north and west, mid-40s across the southeast. But wow, that warmth-- finally, Dallas in the lower 70s. Really good news for the southern states, as they are seeing some of that warmer air, as that really cold air continues to retreat to the north.

As you can see, the jet stream also lifting to the north, of course, dividing that cold and mild air. And as it lifts to the north, we too are going to get into some milder air. But notice, this is still the storm track. So we do have a number of low pressure systems here that will filter in clouds and the chance of showers as we go for the next couple of days, but very minimal impact. In fact, the first one comes today.

It does look pretty aggressive out there on radar, especially out to the west. But a lot of this, as it pushes eastward, will bump into some drier air. I can't rule out a stray sprinkle or flurry, especially through the afternoon and early evening. There is that chance out there. However, they'll be very hit or miss. And not every community will be impacted.

We do dry out tonight. We fall back into the 30s. And as we go through the day tomorrow, we start off dry and bright. And by the afternoon, we'll see a few more clouds. But there you go, temperatures climbing into the upper 40s, if not near 50, especially through the interior of Southeast Massachusetts with those winds out of the south. We'll just have to see if we can get that sunshine to hold on to really make it feel even better because there will be a front approaching. And as this front gets closer, it will inch in some clouds.

I don't expect much in the way of precipitation. There could be a few sprinkles north and west. But overall, it's a dry passage. And by Thursday, temperatures will be a little bit cooler. But really, no problems.

If you do have appointments this week, we are looking at pretty good conditions. And as for Friday, high pressure's in control with sunshine. But by the weekend, that's when we're going to be watching our next chance of a wintry mix on Saturday. But look at those temperatures in the mid 40s. In fact, by Sunday, we're back with highs in the 50s.