WBZ Midday Forecast For March 28

Jacob Wycoff has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

JACOB WYCOFF: Happy Sunday, everyone. Dealing with some dry weather, at least initially for Sunday. But I think things are going to go downhill pretty quickly as we go into the midday. Afternoon, some scattered downpours, heavy at times into the afternoon and evening, even a rumble of thunder possible as you go into the evening. Something to watch for. The biggest threat for us widespread is going to be some strong wind gust, initially in the afternoon, potentially for the southeastern coast. But everyone getting in on some of the strong winds Sunday night and throughout the day on Monday.

Monday will be fairly windy overall. Roller coaster up and down temperatures for this upcoming week. And we do have another chance for rain into the end of the week. So our Futurecast showing dry weather initially. By midday, everyone getting in on some of the rain and some of this rain heavy at times. A brief lull as we go into the later afternoon. There's the cold front that's going to swing through. Some of this could actually contain some thunder and lightning, obviously some gusty wind associated with it.

And we'll have to watch wind out of the southeast for the Cape, the islands, Buzzards Bay. That's where we could see some initial damage reports. And then as the front pushes through, the wind changes to the westerly direction, ushering in some drier weather, but also pretty windy throughout the day on Monday. So that's why we do have that wind advisory in effect. Winds potentially gusting up to 55 miles per hour. Keep in mind, Friday night and into Saturday we had a wind advisory. Same sort of setup. And that caused about 30,000 power outages at its height.

So there could be certainly some scattered power outages with this system. , I think that the biggest threat is going to be for the Cape the islands, areas near Buzzards Bay, southeastern coast near New Bedford. That would be the place to watch for some of the power outages. Rainfall Forecast shows a widespread 1 plus inch rain event, even an inch and a quarter in some spots. After a dry March, these are the type of rain events that we need to stay on the right track as we enter into growing season. We don't want to fall back into a drought like we had in 2020.

So there's your initial raindrops moving through the Cape and the islands. The main event arriving later in the afternoon. There is some severe weather associated with this too. Flash flood warning stretching through the Tennessee River Valley. On the southern side of this, severe storms through the Atlanta area. Tornadoes possible as you go towards Norfolk into Virginia Beach and also Richmond. Fortunately for us, we will have a busy day, but it's not likely to see severe weather. The better chance for thunderstorms in southern New England will be through the Connecticut River Valley and then into lower Fairfield County, Hudson River Valley, and also into the Berkshires.

For us, just a general thunderstorm threat in that line as it pushes closer to us will have a tendency to die down because of the marine layer and because the sun has already set at that point. Tomorrow, lots of wind, lots of sunshine, to upper 40s for highs, feeling more like the 30s. Beyond this, heading into Thursday is going to be our next chance for some rain to push on through. Notice on the back edge there is some cold air in place. So by Friday, we're going to struggle to get out of the 30s. 41 for a high in Boston.

I think a lot of places inland will be in the 30s. Thursday, the Red Sox home opener, the rain should be winding down by the time we get to first pitch at 2:00 PM. We'll see if we can sneak that game in if we can get those rain showers out of here for that first pitch to go on. But today, stay weather aware into the afternoon-evening and into the night. Gusty wind and downpours are likely.