WBZ Midday Forecast For May 2

Jacob Wycoff has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

JACOB WYCOFF: Good Sunday morning, everyone. If you're an early riser, you saw a few sprinkles here or there, but those have pushed on out of here. We're back to dry conditions for the daylight hours, until we get to, let's say, dinnertime. That's when we could see a slight chance for a shower a little later.

But, we're going to stay unsettled for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Not washouts of days, but times that you may have to pull out the umbrella. And the good news is our temperatures will be near or slightly above average during that time frame. Now, our surface map shows the boundary that pushed through a little earlier, bringing us some of those light rain showers. But we're starting to see the skies clearing even into this hour.

You see that out into central Mass, and Boston even picking up on some brightening skies. I think that's going to be the case and in place really for the midday and into the afternoon, before we start to see some clouds building back in for the evening. You see some of these shower chances. This is 6:30. See some light to moderate showers pushing on through.

Boston, north, likely missing out on some of these showers, but Boston, south and west, best chance to see some of the showers. Don't cancel any plans over this. It's not going to be too widespread. And we're going to hold a shower chance in the forecast through Monday Morning.

Monday starting out cloudy, we will see a little bit of sunshine mixing on in. And then, our next round of showers arrives from the Southwest. This is Tuesday morning. So we're starting out the Tuesday morning commute on a soggy note. Just something to keep in mind as we go into the start of this Workweek.

Tuesday and Wednesday likely the rainiest days in the seven day forecast. But even by the time we get to Thursday, I think Thursday is probably the pick of the week. That's when we're going to see the most sunshine, mild-ish temperatures in the middle 60s. It's probably the driest day that we have in the forecast.

Our temperatures right now are in the 60s on our way to the mid to low 70s, a really comfortable day. Less wind than what we saw the last few days. Not a ton of sunshine compared to yesterday, but still any sunshine we get is going to warm us up really nicely, along with that Southwest wind. 50 overnight with a few showers. And tomorrow, right along the coastline, we're in the 60s, even 50s. But as soon as you go inland, we're talking mid to low 70s and upper 60s.

So we have this really tight temperature gradient, depending on where you are. The reason for that we have a stationary front. On the east side, cool in the 50s and 60s. On the other side, out to the west and central Mass, warm 70s with some sunshine. We're going to stay a bit unsettled with this pattern with that stationary front hugging us, and really right over top of us.

Mid to low 60s for Tuesday and Wednesday. Morning showers for Tuesday. Then, somewhat dry into the afternoon. Dry start to your Wednesday. Then, evening rain will be soaking at times, clearing out for Thursday back into the middle 60s. And then, we have a chance for a coastal system that could bring us some rain and some wind for Friday. We'll watch that time frame closely to see how that plays out.

But the bottom line is, it is a pretty unsettled, 7-day forecast. So let's enjoy the partly cloudy skies for today, and in the middle 70s.