WBZ Morning Forecast For April 17

Jacob Wycoff has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

ANNA MEILER: Kind of dreary start to our Saturday, kind of continuing the trend from yesterday. But at least there's no snow today, Jacob. And things are going to get better.

JACOB WYCOFF: Yes. We will see improvements. And as we head into the next couple of days, we will see some improving sunshine along the way. We do have some clouds and showers around to start the weekend. Not everyone seeing the showers moving through. And we will see the slow improvements temperature wise into the next couple of days. We're back into the 60s on Monday and near 70 degrees by Tuesday.

But dealing with those showers right now. You see them streaming from North to South. Another batch moving from New Hampshire southward, and as it bumps into some cold air in place for Northern Worcester County, it wouldn't surprise me if you pick up on a couple of snowflakes. Really no accumulations anywhere near what we saw yesterday. Temperatures on the milder side compared to yesterday. Where we were only in the low 30s, we're now in the mid- to upper 30s to near 40 degrees. But you see just sort of the unsettled pattern that we have.

The good news is, we're putting a dent in that drought situation. The good news with that is drought, when we start down that road, we start seeing water restrictions, water bans. And I think that we can pump the brakes on that because of the amount of rain that we picked up yesterday. We've had that dry streak stretching from April 2 to April 14. And then we really jumped into the surplus side of things. Now we're running almost 6/10 of an inch surplus for the month. We're still running a yearly deficit, but we'll make up that in due time.

Mid- to upper 30s into Worcester County. We're in the upper 30s to near 40 degrees in Boston, on our way to near 50 degrees today on either side for many spots. That North wind keeping us on the cooler side, gusting to up to 25 miles per hour. As you head to the Cape and islands, though, that's where we would see some of the cooler temperatures, only in the middle 40s. And probably a better chance overall, as you go to the Cape and islands, for some of those scattered showers throughout the day.

Tomorrow, back into the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. We will thin the clouds out a little bit tomorrow. I think a better chance of sunshine and likely just a better overall day, with a little bit more sunshine and a little bit less rain chance. So I think Sunday is definitely a better day. Unfortunately, it's also coming with those increased pollen counts. Sunday and Monday, we'll call it high levels, and then very high heading into Tuesday. That's when the spring feel really makes itself known. Once again we're back to near 70 degrees, warming up, a good bit of sunshine.

A front is going to move through on Wednesday and as it does, I think that we will see some changing weather. We'll go from the 60s to upper 40s, low 50s, and we'll get some good soaking rains Wednesday into Thursday. We're back to some sunshine and some wind heading into Friday. There's your seven-day forecast. If you're really hoping for spring, you just have to wait a couple more days to the beginning of the week. Anna.

ANNA MEILER: Tuesday looks fantastic, Jacob. Thank you.