WBZ Morning Forecast For April 18

Jacob Wycoff has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- At the Charles-- what a day to be out on the water. Much better-- let's just say-- than what we experienced yesterday, Jacob.

JACOB WYCOFF: Yeah, we were dealing with some showers this time yesterday, and it really was just kind of an unsettled day. It was definitely on the cooler side. I think today, we're going to improve pretty nicely. We've only had four days all of April that have been below average, and unfortunately, they've both arrived Friday and Saturday. And they've both followed some pretty heavy precipitation events.

And so looking ahead, I think this upcoming week, we're going to be mainly above average, until we get to about Thursday. That's when we're going to start to see some changes, with a front that moves through. Now looking ahead even further, the next eight to 14 days, really no signs that we're going to see above average temperatures. Probably close to seasonable temperatures, which means upper 50s to near 60 degrees.

We're going to be above average though the next four. We're talking near 60 degrees for today, mid 60s for Monday and Wednesday, and look at Tuesday-- near 70. So we have this nice stretch. We're mainly dry during that stretch, until we get to about Wednesday evening. That's when a front's going to move through, bring us some heavy rain, also change our air mass around.

The satellite radars not picking up on the high clouds that are in place-- the blanket of clouds that we have in place-- but just keep in mind as you walk out the door that there's not a lot of sunshine, at least initially. I think we will see a few breaks in the clouds, but the sunshine is going to be very few and far between for today, changing into tomorrow. Back into the mid 40s in Boston and Norwood. Upper 30s for Worcester, and 44 degrees in Hyannis.

Your daily planner looks like this-- mid 50s by noontime, near 60 by 4:00. Notice more clouds than sunshine, unfortunately, but importantly, dry during the daylight hours. Heading into tonight though, there will be a passing wave that brings us a chance of a sprinkle. Very, very isolated. Better chance for tomorrow. 39 for an overnight low.

Tomorrow returning into the middle 60s. I think tomorrow is going to be a really nice day. Starting out with some dry conditions and some sunshine, and then what we're watching for into tomorrow is going to be this moving on through. Could be associated with some showers, maybe even a couple of rumbles of thunder. Most of the thunderstorm activity-- if we see any at all-- will be able to the west in the Connecticut River Valley.

A little bit more stable air mass in place for us here in the Boston area. So we do have the chance for that sprinkle tomorrow too, but clearing out heading into Tuesday. Tuesday definitely the dry day in the seven-day forecast. Better chance for rain, for widespread purposes, Wednesday into Thursday. And that's what this looks like here. Unfortunately, a good soaker Wednesday night. And into Thursday, this also changes our air mass around. Potentially a couple of wet snowflakes in the Berkshires and the Green Mountains. We'll watch that closely, for sure.

Your seven-day forecast shows struggling to get out of the upper 40s on Thursday. About 10 degrees below the average for this time of year. Look at this stretch though. Sunday through Wednesday-- nice, above average temperatures, and there's your pick of the week right there. Tuesday near 70 degrees.