WBZ Morning Forecast For April 3, 2021

Jacob Wycoff has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- And just looking outside, the sun shining down and the warm-up effect we're actually going to feel today, unlike yesterday, Jacob. Fans aren't going to need to bring the blankets, the hand warmers, and the winter coats like they did yesterday, right?

JACOB WYCOFF: Yeah, it was a bit of a tough one yesterday, and it's obviously not how you want to start off your season, right, with temperatures that were in the 40s. You know, today we're going to get back into the low 50s. It is going to be a comfortable day overall. We'll have to wait for that sunshine to really start to warm us up. And as we do, it's going to be nice and bright along the way.

The one thing we are watching for as we go into the next couple of days is a little cold pool of air that is just off the coast, and that's going to keep us on the cloudy side as you go into, really, the second half of Sunday and into Monday. There it is right there. But we're going to see those milder temperatures building back in.

So I think overall we're going to be above average. We're not going to see these big 70-degree temperatures. We're not going to see 30-degree temperatures. Fairly seasonable for this time of year for the entire seven-day forecast.

A lot of sunshine showing up. A couple of snow flurries earlier for the mid cape and the islands. Those have since passed, and now we're back to the sunshine from the tip of Maine all the way down into the mid-Atlantic. Really not a cloud in the sky for many of us.

We're back into the 20s to low 30s in Boston. 35 in Hyannis and 29 degrees as you're waking up on Martha's Vineyard.

We will get back into the mid 50s over the next couple of days. So if you're hitting the links, you're looking good today, back into the upper 40s and low 50s. The exception will be coastal locations with a northerly or northwesterly wind coming right off the bay. You're going to see those temperatures stuck in the mid to low 40s. Still a lot of sunshine but definitely on the cooler side, much like what you saw yesterday.

Tomorrow, the Easter Bunny is going to be hopping into your neighborhood with some nice sunshine and milder temperatures, mid to low 50s compared to the upper 40s and low 50s for today. And we're going to hold on to sunshine for the most part. There could be a couple of clouds that build in coastal locations for tomorrow as that coastal system does push on closer to us.

You know we've had some really big ups and downs with Easter. Our record high, 94 degrees. Record low, 11 degrees. We're going to be right in the middle there in the 50s for our highs, and we're seeing those cool temperatures into the overnight.

Futurecast shows the amount of sunshine today, tomorrow. Then we start to see the clouds building closer to us. I think Monday we'll pick up on a couple of coastal locations. Picking up on some showers, so I've risen the rainfall chances on Monday, and then we're back to dry weather for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Our rainfall forecast does show a 100th of an inch. This is not going to keep us on the right track with that soaking rain that we saw late last week. We do need some more rain, and unfortunately we're not going to see that until we get to, let's say, the end of this seven-day forecast. So all of those allergens are going to stick around, high pollen levels for the next few days.

Our seven-day forecast does have temperatures into the mid to low 50s for the next couple of days. Then we're back into the upper 50s for Tuesday and Wednesday. The next best chance for rain arriving on Friday.