WBZ Morning Forecast For April 9

Zack Green has your latest weather forecast.

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- Yes.

ZACK GREEN: --it's going to be a really nice stretch. We'll take a compliment at this point.

But the blue sky wants to hold from start to finish. We are quickly approaching our official sunrise. And with it, we have a little hint of fog out there. Not widespread, not all that hard-hitting, but you may notice some of that light reduced visibility on 195, the southern tier of 495, and as you make your way just to the south of Boston at the split. Otherwise, I think we'll be doing all right.

And sunshine is really going to take us from here into the afternoon hours. And while we do have a bit of a chill for the morning, we are just going to soar once we get to lunch time.

So 33 degrees is our cool spot right now in Taunton. We're sitting at 37 in Norwood, 45 in Worcester as well as Boston. Everybody else landing between the upper 30s and low 40s. Still rather comfortable. And we're only going to have the winds anywhere from five to seven miles per hour.

And take a look at that value-- 72 degrees. The best case for that, again, is going to be away from the water. But if you want to take a walk on the sand, you are going to be looking fantastic as well. Into the upper 50s and low 60s east of Buzzards Bay, for the beaches of Plymouth County, right up through the North Shore, as you make your way out to Cape Ann, too.

There isn't going to be a whole lot of marine influence, again, with those winds staying relatively calm. But as we move farther west, that's going to be the shot of 70, if not 71 or 72 that's reflected out towards Fitchburg as well as southern New Hampshire.

And tomorrow, we get even more of a boost. The same temperature gap. But we're expecting to hover around the low 60s, rather than the 50s for the South Shore and the islands. And then maybe even 73 to 75 degrees as we go from 128 and up to the North and West. So just a really stunning day as we increase the clouds gradually.

So today is all about the brilliant blue sky. Tomorrow, we'll start to sneak in those fair weather conditions. And we're not expecting any activity for the first half of the weekend. And then we start to pull it in for Sunday. Beneficial rain, but obviously, it's going to be impacting some of our outdoor plans.

But we need the showers at this point. Abnormally dry conditions has been expanded. What was initially half the state last week has been brought up to about 3/4 of the state this time around. This was official from yesterday morning at 8:00 AM from the Massachusetts Drought Monitor.

The rain that arrives on Sunday likely after lunchtime. So if you have early tee times or any plans in the morning, we should be doing OK. So steadier pockets as we go into the afternoon. But it's likely only amounting anywhere from about a half to 3/4 of an inch for those south and east of the Pike. Lower values as we go north of the city. The highest totals will land off to our west. So Worcester County out towards Berkshire County, a better shot of that inch to inch and a half mark.

Soaking rain is going to try and stick around through Monday. We're not exactly drenched. But Tuesday, we have another shot. An unsettled pattern through the middle of next week as we hover around 60 degrees.