WBZ Morning Forecast For March 13

Jacob Wycoff has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- If there's riddles tomorrow, it'll be even tougher for Nick because you guys are losing an hour of sleep tonight.

JACOB WYCOFF: Unfortunately, we are, so if you are a fan of WBZ, Nick and myself on Sunday mornings, tune in because a sleep-deprived Jacob and Nick got to be much better, right? So we are turning the clocks forward as we go into tomorrow, 6:57 for that new sunrise, 6:49 for the sunset.

We are gaining daylight on a scale of 2 minutes and 52 seconds per day, so that's five minutes every two days, basically, actually, almost six minutes every two days that we are gaining. And by the time we get to March 31, we're back to about 6:30 and past 7:00 for that sunset. So the good news is there will be a lot of sunshine throughout the weekend, the wind calming down just a little bit into the midday and afternoon.

Our temperatures are in the 20s and low 30s. We're not going to rebound all that much. Into the middle 40s is where we're going to lay on. Our winds still kind of gusty, 25 to 30 miles per hour, but certainly not like they were overnight where we saw those 40 to 50-mile-per-hour winds.

The winds will pick back up Sunday afternoon and into the evening. There's the afternoon seeing just some light winds, lighter winds, and picking back up heading into Sunday. That's round two of what will be some gusty conditions. This is going to be the leading edge of that Arctic air that arrives for Monday.

So here's how the weekend plays out, back into the middle 40s. This is seasonable for this time of year. We got spoiled last week with the 60s, 74 degrees, crushing the old record. Gusty in the morning. That's winding down. Then the wind picks back up again Sunday afternoon and evening, but the good news is sunshine throughout the entire weekend.

And as that sun, as the wind starts to subside a little bit, the March sun angle is really nice. It's the same as September 29. So with just a little wind, it's still going to warm you up, your body up a little bit. That sun angle, big difference compared to where were are in December.

Our temperatures will take a dip on Monday, and I think we actually make a run for record cold high temperatures. We're forecasting 28 in Boston. The record cold high temperature is 26, same sort of story as you go into Worcester. We're going to be in that same general neighborhood.

There's the cold air. We'll get mild air building back in and heading into Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. That's also associated with our next chance for rain arriving on Thursday. So your seven-day forecast does have middle 40s Saturday and Sunday, upper 20s with some sunshine on Monday, staying kind of breezy, to back into the 50s for Wednesday and Thursday, and then comes crashing back down on Friday, back into the middle 30s with some rain. Ana?

- All right, Jacob. Thank you.