WBZ Morning Forecast For March 14

Jacob Wycoff has your latest weather headlines.

Video Transcript

JACOB WYCOFF: Yes, so we do have some strong winds that are arriving heading into the afternoon and evening. And this is kind of the reverse of yesterday, right? Where we had the strong winds in the morning and then coming down into the afternoon. We're reversing that playbook into today. Strongest winds arriving for the afternoon and evening and into the overnight.

This is going to be that cold air that's pushing in from Canada. With that, and isolated shower or maybe a snow shower may be pushing through, too, into the afternoon and evening. I don't expect any sort of widespread coverage with these snowflakes. But some of you, especially into Worcester County, may actually pick up on some of that light snow. And the January feel returns for Monday morning with our wind chills that are well below 0 in some cases. I think it's going to be a really chilly start, kind of a wake up call to our system after getting spoiled this past week.

High pressure to our west. That departing storm system still kind of hanging out. We get that flow around the high pressure that's flowing from the northwest, and that's why it's going to pick up in its intensity. There's the cold air stretching into the northern Great Lakes, into northern New York. That's going to be pushing in our direction.

In the afternoon, I think you're going to start to feel that wind picking up. And that's just the start of what will be a chilly day or so. 28 in Montreal, 31 in Burlington. We're at 38 in Boston. So that's going to be pushing on through. You see the cooler stuff even into the Midwest, too, the warmest air is still in the Gulf of Mexico, the Deep South.

We're not going to really see any sort of above average temperatures until we get into the middle and end of this upcoming week. So turning windy into the afternoon, there's your cold air in place for Monday. A lot of sunshine. That's not going to be the issue. It's going to be that cold, dry air mass that is in place.

The good news is it's very quick moving. It's going to be out of here, and by Tuesday, we're back into mid to low 40s for our afternoon highs. We're in the mid 40s for today, isolated flurries for the afternoon as the front pushes through. Unfortunately, the air temperature is 45, but it feels more like the 30s and 20s with winds gusting 35 plus miles per hour throughout the day today.

Check out some of these wind gusts. As we go into the afternoon, you're talking 30 to 40 miles per hour, staying breezy into the evening. And for the wind chills tomorrow, single digits below 0 to start out. And not doing a whole lot better into the afternoon.

In fact, I think we make a run for what could be the coldest high temperature for the day, currently sitting at 26. We're forecasting 28. And then our rain chances increase for Thursday and into Friday. That's what we have in the seven-day forecast. We do see a warm up Wednesday into Thursday. There's your above average temperatures, but we're back to more winter like feel for Friday and into Saturday. Nick?